Subduing Temptation

Luke 8:15
“But that on the good ground are they, which in an honest and good heart, having heard the word, keep it, and bring forth fruit with patience.”

Temptation is a daily battle that every believer fights. When you got saved, you received the power through the Holy Ghost to subdue and overcome temptation, but your flesh will at times want to yield to sin’s temptation. If you struggle with temptation, the parable of the sower gives great advice on how to subdue temptation. Eight ingredients are given in the parable of the sower that will help you to subdue the temptation you face in life.

First, it takes the Word of God. You will never subdue temptation in your life without spending time hearing, reading, and memorizing the Word of God. God’s Word is the fire extinguisher to the lure of sin’s temptation. You must spend much time in God’s Word to squelch the enticement of temptation in your life. Temptation will continue to conquer you until you start spending time with God in His Word.

Second, it takes a belief that you can overcome it. Verse 12 shows that you must believe that you can be saved from temptation. Temptation will continue to win in your life if you don’t believe that you can subdue temptation with God’s help.

Third, you must get away from all triggers of temptation. Verse 13 talks about having no root and falling away in time of temptation. You must identify the triggers of temptation so that you can avoid those triggers. If you identify was leads you to be tempted by sin, you can avoid those areas to where you are weak.

Fourth, you must become principle-led instead of pleasure-driven. Verse 14 talks about the “pleasures of this life.” You always lose to temptation if your life is controlled by pleasure. The biggest reason temptation continues to win in your life is because you don’t let principles guide your decisions; instead, you determine what to do based on how much pleasure it will give which only leads to sin.

Fifth, you must be honest with yourself. You must be honest with yourself that you have a sin problem. Stop blaming your weaknesses on others and take responsibility by admitting you sin because you choose to sin. Nobody makes you do wrong; you choose to let temptation win. You will continue to capitulate to temptation until you admit that you sin because you choose to sin.

Sixth, your heart must be strong enough to follow through. Do you have the heart to do whatever it takes to overcome your sin? You must determine in your heart that you will do whatever it takes to subdue the temptation that besets you. Temptation starts at the line you choose not to cross to conquer sin. Subduing temptation takes drastic decisions that you must be willing to take if you want to subdue the temptation that continually conquers you.

Seventh, faithfully do right every day. Stability is the key to subduing temptation. Doing the same things day in and day out gives you the structure needed to keep you from temptation’s lure. A structured life produces a stable life, which gives you the strength to avoid temptation’s allure.

Eighth, you must be patient. You won’t overcome temptation overnight. Be patient with yourself even when you fail, because the journey to completely subdue temptation will take time and patience.

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