Taken for Granted

Acts 28:28
“Be it known therefore unto you, that the salvation of God is sent unto the Gentiles, and that they will hear it.”

Paul’s custom throughout his ministry was first to take the Gospel to the Jews. This is evidenced by what he wrote in Romans 1:16 where it says, “For I am not ashamed of the gospel of Christ: for it is the power of God unto salvation to every one that believeth; to the Jew first, and also to the Greek.” However, it was obvious to Paul that the Jews didn’t want the Gospel, so he took it to the Gentiles because “they will hear it.

In the verse above, I believe we can see God’s way of doing things. God has blessed many nations with the Gospel, but when that nation rejects it, He always sends it to another who will hear it and follow it. When you study history, you see that several nations were the center of the Gospel, but when they rejected it, another nation that wanted the Gospel was always blessed with being the center to where it was sent out. Though the verse above is talking about the Gospel of Christ, I believe there are several lessons we can apply to our own lives.

First, don’t take for granted the LORD’s blessings on your life. God’s blessings on a church, family, marriage or individual must never be taken for granted. Many churches throughout history were blessed with a man of God whom God used greatly only to see that church lose God’s blessings because they took that man for granted. No matter what it is that the LORD has blessed you with, always be thankful and willing to accept whatever it is that He has given you.

Second, it is God’s mercy and blessing that you have your present opportunities. Don’t be filled with pride because of God’s blessings. Always remember that whatever you have been blessed with is only because of God’s mercy. He can take those blessings away as quickly as He gave them to you. Don’t let pride fill your heart and cause you to take for granted God’s blessings. It is only because of God’s mercies that we are blessed; it has nothing to do with us, but all to do with Him.

Third, others would gladly accept what you have. Just like the Gentiles were glad to receive the Gospel, there is always another who is willing to have what you are taking for granted. If you don’t want to lose God’s blessings, you better realize your privilege of them. I wonder how many marriages have been lost because a spouse took their mate for granted. I wonder how many men God have moved to another church because that church took him for granted. My friend, what you take for granted is desired by someone else. If you don’t treat your blessings as a blessing, you could likely lose it to another.

Fourth, when you reject God’s blessings, He may give it to those who will accept it and use it. There are many people throughout history who lived in regret because someone else got what they took for granted. Don’t let that be your story. You must always remember that God can give to another if you reject what He has given you.

My friend, what is it that you are taking for granted? Are you taking your spouse, parents, pastor, finances, church or freedoms for granted? Always remember that there are others who want what you have. You will never realize the blessing of your blessings until you lose them. If you are thankful to the LORD every day for what He has given you, you will never have to live in regret that you lost His blessings.

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