Talent, Beauty and Character

2 Samuel 14:25
“But in all Israel there was none to be so much praised as Absalom for his beauty: from the sole of his foot even to the crown of his head there was no blemish in him.”

Three characters in the Scriptures are known for three different things, and two of these characters have a different ending than the one. The first character is Absalom. The verse above says that Absalom was known for his beauty. It is sad that he was more interested in his beauty than he was his character. The problem with being known for beauty is that beauty will one day be gone. Age has a way of taking away the youthful beauty. One day beauty will be replaced with wrinkles and age marks. Don’t get me wrong; aged people have their own beauty, but the world doesn’t measure beauty by the aged person. If beauty is your trademark, you can be assured that the world will no longer want you when age has its effects on you.

The second character is Solomon. Solomon was known for his wisdom, but sadly, his character never matched the level of his wisdom or talent. When reading the Book of Ecclesiastes or looking at the end of his life, you see that talent eventually collapsed when character didn’t meet talent’s level.

The third character is David. David was by no means a perfect or sinless person, but he had character. There were times that his character lapsed, but on the whole, he was a man of character. When you look at the end of David’s life, you see a man whose character caused him to rise above the talented and the beautiful. David’s character caused him to learn talent. A couple of lessons can be learned from these three characters about talent, beauty and character.

First, character is always better than talent or beauty. Talent and beauty often rely on themselves which results in laziness, apathy and a lack of character. Character may not have talent, but character always learns talent. If you were to choose which of these three you should strive to have, you should always strive to be a person of character. You must understand that character always carries a person further in life than talent or beauty ever will. The problem with relying on talent and beauty for success is that there is always someone more talented and more beautiful than you. However, a person of character always learns what they don’t know, and that always causes them to be a wanted person.

Second, disaster is bound to happen when character doesn’t measure up to talent and beauty. Story after story of disaster could be told about the person who had great talent but no character. I look through my life and remember people whom I have known with so much talent but had little character, and every time they met disaster. Sin is often the result of people whose character doesn’t meet their talent or beauty. Talent and beauty tend to bring you across lines that character never achieves. The talented and beautiful rely on their talent and beauty to carry them; whereas, the character relies on hard work to help them get done what needs to be done. You better get ready to face a disastrous life if your character doesn’t match your talent or beauty.

My friend, character always brings you the furthest in life. Always remember that talent and beauty never overcome their lack of character, but character always overcomes its lack of talent and beauty through hard work. Let me encourage you to work on your character. Quick success may find the talent and beautiful, but lasting success will be the enjoyment of those who have character.

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