Tarried Longer


2 Samuel 20:5 “So Amasa went to assemble the men of Judah: but he tarried longer than the set time which he had appointed him.”

Have you ever had a room or a drawer filled with junk that you say to yourself that you are one day going to clean that room? What happens with that room or drawer is that it continues to get more junk until it is out of control. Had you cared for the junk at the beginning, or had you not even started to gather junk in the room, you would have never had to worry about spending the time cleaning up the mess that you created.

We often create our own mess because we put off something until later. Our intent to do something later may be genuine, but later rarely comes. The best time to care for tasks or bad situations is the immediate. The longer you tarry longer with your situation, the greater that situation becomes.

David understood this principle. David had just come back to the throne after being exiled because of his son, and now Sheba had gathered people to rebel against him. David told one of his leaders, Amasa, to assemble the men of Judah and go after Sheba and destroy him. However, Amasa “tarried longer than the set time” that David had given him. Amasa was making the situation worse, so David had to ask another man to do the job that Amasa was supposed to do. There are several lessons that you can learn from tarrying with problems in life.

First, what you don’t consider important is important. When your boss tells you to do something, apparently he considered it important, or else he wouldn’t have given you the task. Likewise, the little nagging problems you face in life are important, and it is critical that you care for them promptly.

Second, little issues become big issues that longer you don't care for it. Every minute you put off a critical situation is a minute that allows the problem to get worse. Every big situation in life has always started small. Rarely do you face an issue that is big from the beginning. However, no matter how big the issue is that you face when it initially comes, it only gets bigger the longer you put it off to care for it.

Third, burying your head from the problem won’t cause the problem to go away. You can ignore the bills, the dirty task, or caring for something you don't want to care for, but that will not make that problem go away. That problem that you are ignoring is still there, and it will still be there tomorrow, only, it will be bigger tomorrow the longer you put it off.

Fourth, your future is negatively affected when you become a person who tarries longer with problems. If you create a habit of putting things off, you will hurt your future. Your future needs you to take care of your problems now because you won't be able to seize on the opportunity that will promote you when you are trying to dig yourself out of the problems you didn't care for yesterday.

My friend, the best time to care for a problem is now. Stop tarrying longer with your problems; they are not going to get any better, and neither are they going to disappear. When you make it a part of your character to take care of bad issues as they come, you will avoid having to care for mountainous issues later that you created by tarrying longer.

Dr. Allen Domelle

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