The Battle Will Come

Isaiah 37:9
“And he heard say concerning Tirhakah king of Ethiopia, He is come forth to make war with thee. And when he heard it, he sent messengers to Hezekiah, saying,”

When Hezekiah became king, I don’t think he imagined all that he would have to face. The first battle he fought was from within. Hezekiah was one of the kings whom God used to bring about a great revival in Judah. There is no doubt many battles he had to fight from within to clean up the mess that sin caused; however, when the battles from within ceased, the battles from without came. When the battles from without came, Hezekiah’s actions teach us how to face those battles properly. Let me show you six things from his actions that will show you how to fight your battles.

First, you will never be at peace with the world. Hezekiah was not surprised when this king came to fight against; likewise, you shouldn’t be surprised when the battles come your way. When you stand for right, you will always find that those who stand for wrong will not be happy. You will never live in peace when you stand for right because the enemy always tries to destroy that for which you stand.

Second, never be surprised when and how the enemy attacks. Hezekiah wasn’t surprised with how the enemy attacked which is seen in how he prepared the people for what to say. Christian, you will find that the enemy fights dirty because their goal is to win. Don’t allow the dirtiness of the enemy’s attack shock you into quitting the battle.

Third, never fear the rhetoric the enemy uses. The world will call you dirty names and say all kinds of things about you, but their use of rhetoric is to get you to fear. The enemy knows that faith is the greatest weapon against fear, so they will try to get you to doubt to lay down the weapon of faith. Faith is like a bomb to the enemy’s cause because God blesses the actions of those who live by faith.

Fourth, never let the enemy’s rhetoric cause you to doubt your cause. The rhetoric of Hezekiah’s enemy was to get them to doubt God. You will always find that the enemy attacks how we believe in God and how we serve Him so that they can get us to doubt if we are doing it the right way. My friend, as long as you are following the Scriptures, you are serving the LORD the right way. Never let the false rhetoric of the progressive Christian cause you to doubt the purpose for walking in the old paths.

Fifth, always go to the LORD when the battle comes. The wisest move that Hezekiah made when the battle came was to pray to the LORD. You may look at the battle you face and it may seem overwhelming, but the LORD is always bigger than any battle the enemy can throw at you. You have to realize that prayer is where you get the strength to fight. Prayer is how faith becomes strong. Prayer is where the Christian believes God can do it. When your battle comes, you need to make sure that your first action is to run to God. Set your fears at the altar of prayer and grab ahold of the promises of God’s Word that are assured through prayer.

Sixth, let preaching be your source for encouragement. After Hezekiah prayed, the prophet came and encouraged Hezekiah through preaching that God would come through. Always listen to a lot of preaching because it has a way of encouraging you to continue when the battle comes because it reminds you that you are on the winning side.

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