The Benefits of Unanswered Prayers

Exodus 11:9
“And the LORD said unto Moses, Pharaoh shall not hearken unto you; that my wonders may be multiplied in the land of Egypt.”

One of the most frustrating things for the believer is when it seems that God is not answering their prayers. Unanswered prayers can lead to discouragement if the believer is not guarded about their emotions and expectations. The verse above reveals that God didn’t seemingly answer the prayer of Moses or Israel, but when you take a closer look, you will find there were several benefits to what seemed an unanswered prayer. Let me share with you several observations about the benefits of unanswered prayers.

The first benefit to unanswered prayer is that you are not alone. I know this doesn’t seem to be real encouraging, but it can be encouraging when you realize that even Moses had times when God didn’t answer his prayer. An unanswered prayer doesn’t have anything to do with you, but everything to do with God’s timing. Certainly, there are times when we are the reason our prayers are not answered, but this is not always case. When you look at the saints in the Scriptures, you will find that many of them experienced times when God didn’t immediately answer their prayer.

The second benefit of unanswered prayer is that it doesn’t mean that God didn’t hear your prayer. God heard the prayer of Moses and Israel for deliverance, but yet it wasn’t time for God to answer their request. God always hears the prayer of the believer because He promised that He would hear every prayer. Don’t let an unanswered prayer shake your confidence in the promise that God hears your prayers.

The third benefit of unanswered prayer is that it could mean that God has something greater for you. When you look at the verse above, you will see that God didn’t answer because He was going to multiply His wonders. I believe that you would be more patient with God if you realized that He has something greater for you if you will just wait. Don’t let unanswered prayer cause you to think that God isn’t going to do something; it could be that He is waiting to do something greater.

The fourth benefit of unanswered prayer is that it grows your trust in God. When God doesn’t answer prayer, you have to trust Him more, which means it grows your trust in Him. The benefit of growing your trust is that your faith will grow. Faith always grows when the believer’s trust grows. In reality, it is a great benefit to the believer when God allows your faith to grow because the more faith you have, the more you will please the LORD.

The fifth benefit of unanswered prayer is that it builds your confidence for the next prayer. What you will find is that the season of unanswered prayer in the next prayer won’t bother you as much because you have already been down that road. When you have gone through seasons of unanswered prayers, you become confident that God will eventually come through because He always has come through at the right time.

My friend, I know unanswered prayers can often cause you to wonder what you are doing wrong, but you must look at these benefits and realize that maybe God has something greater in store if you will be patient with Him. If you will keep praying until God comes through, you will find when your prayer is answered that the time of silence was a growing period for your faith.

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