The Best Action for Recovery


Job 38:3 “Gird up now thy loins like a man; for I will demand of thee, and answer thou me.”

Running and hiding is often the response of those who have gone through hard times, but running and hiding has never helped one person get over what they are going through. God knew this when he told Job, “Gird up now thy loins like a man.” God was saying to Job to get up and do something because this was the best recipe to recover from his situation. As long as Job sat and sulked about his situation, his situation stayed the same and even got worse. God knew that if he got up and just faced life that his life would change. God knows that the only way to change life’s situation is not to sit and sulk but to get up, face life, and do something to change life’s situation.

It is very easy to go into a hibernation mode when going through tough times, but that will do nothing to change your life’s situation. At some point, you have to face life, and every day you sit and sulk about your life's situation is a day wasted that could have been used to change your situation. Let me share several things where getting up and doing something will change your situation.

First, the best way to overcome what sin has done to your life is to get up and do something. Many people who have fallen in sin often let sin keep them down. The only way to overcome sin is to get up and face life. Yes, there will be Pharisees who will criticize and mock you, but you can prove them wrong if you will get up and do something better with your life. The longer you let sin keep you down, the longer sin has control over your life. You can't change sin’s results by sitting waiting to change, but you just get up and go forward, and life will start changing from what sin has done to you.

Second, the best way to overcome heartache is by getting up and doing something. You can sit and let heartache destroy your life, and certainly, heartache is hard to face, but sitting and sulking will not change heartache. Heartache will turn to bitterness as long as you sit and sulk, but you turn it into an opportunity to help others when you get up and do something with your life. Don't let heartache keep you down, but get up and do something, and you will find that heartache will dissipate as you do serve the LORD.

Third, the best way to overcome disappointment is by getting up and doing something. So if someone you believed in has fallen in sin, sitting so you can heal is not the way to overcome disappointment. Elijah faced the disappointment of Saul, but God told him to get up and fill his horn with oil so that he could anoint Elijah. You never overcome disappointment in what someone has done by sitting until you heal; you heal by getting up and helping others. Many people have become bitter enemies of the old paths because they let their disappointment in someone they admired keep them down instead of using that disappointment as a catalyst to keep them from sin and helping others.

Fourth, the best way to overcome failure is to get up and try again. You will never overcome failure by sitting in failure, but you overcome failure by getting up and learning what caused you to fail and do something different. My friend, don't let failure be the last act of your life, but get up and determine to turn failure into success. Failure will never be overcome as long as you sit and sulk about failure; it is overcome by getting up and trying again.

Dr. Allen Domelle

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