The Building Mindset

Nehemiah 4:6
“So built we the wall; and all the wall was joined together unto the half thereof: for the people had a mind to work.”

One of the reasons Nehemiah was able to build the wall was because of his mindset to build. Sadly, we live in times when many are more relationship oriented than they are building oriented. The sad part is that selfishness always rules when you are relationship oriented. Having a building mindset not only allows the work of the LORD to be accomplished, but it also builds great relationships and unity. There are five things these people did to have a building mindset that resulted in the wall being built.

First, there were no heroes. The first phrase of the verse above says, “So built we the wall…” This verse doesn’t point out the talented or the rich, but it points out that everyone was involved in building. You will never build anything for the LORD if you have a hero mindset. There can be no heroes when you are building the work of the LORD, but there must be people who are minded to build the work of the LORD. If you are worried about yourself and how much you will be recognized, you will quickly find that you will hinder the building of the LORD’s work. If you want to be a contributor to the work of the LORD, you must get involved without any consideration of how you will be recognized.

Second, they had a mind to work. The verse above says, “…for the people had a mind to work.” It is amazing what can be done when everyone has a mind to work. No work will reach its potential without everyone having a mind to work. Sadly, in most churches a few do the work of many, and the work of the LORD never becomes what it should be with the few doing all the work. The best mindset you can get is the mindset of having a mind to work. Don’t look for how easy or fun God’s work will be because work is often not easy or fun, but it is fulfilling.

Third, they were focused on the work, not the personality. The focus of these people was the work, not the personality who led the work. Their focus was on getting the work done, not on getting close to the leader. Too many churches are filled with people who do what they can to get close to the leader, which only leads to strife and contention among God’s people. Let me encourage you to just focus on the harvest that the LORD has sent you to reap. When personality is not the focus of who to please, you will find you will be pleased with reaching the harvest.

Fourth, they were united because of the work. It is interesting that because the people were minded to work that they were united with the same cause. I’m sure there were multiple differences of beliefs among these people, but those differences never came to light when they all got busy in the work. The greatest way for the church to find unity is for every believer to get busy in the work. Unity is a result of working together, not a result of striving for it. If you strive for unity, you will cause division and compromise; whereas, if you strive to reach the harvest, you will discover unity. Stop looking for unity, and just get busy doing God’s work and you will find the unity you desire.

Fifth, they realized the greatness of the work. The reason this wall was finished was because they saw the work as a great work. Never let God’s work seem small in your eyes because every part of the LORD’s work is great. Stay focused on the greatness of the work, and you will never quit.

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