The Capacity to Grow


Deuteronomy 19:8 “And if the LORD thy God enlarge thy coast, as he hath sworn unto thy fathers, and give thee all the land which he promised to give unto thy fathers;”

The verse above is God giving the children of Israel His instructions about the cities of refuge. God wanted them to start out with three cities initially, and He wanted them to add three more cities as He enlarged their coasts. There is a great truth in this mindset that God gave Israel and that is that they were to be careful about growing beyond their capacity to grow. God knew they didn't need six cities to start out with, so that is why He only gave them three cities of refuge at the start. He also knew that they would be tempted to add too many cities once they started to grow, and that is why God told them to only add three cities at a time. God knew their abilities and the infrastructure it would take to care for these cities properly, so He only wanted them to grow as their capacity could handle it.

One thing every person must be careful of is trying to grow beyond their capacity. Whether it be in your finances, a business expanding, or a pastor trying to grow his church, growing to your capacity is key to not over expanding to the detriment of the present growth. Many restaurant businesses that saw growth expanded beyond their ability that they could handle to their detriment. Many pastors have seen growth in their church, but they began to build buildings or start too many ministries that were beyond the ability of the church membership involvement, only to expand too quickly which killed the growth of the church. The principle of growing to your ability to handle the growth is critical to continued growth. Let me give you three thoughts about expanding to your capacity.

First, don't enlarge your coasts because of your highs. Just because a church had several big days that pack out their auditorium does it mean that they need to build new buildings. You never expand because of your highs. An investor who expands according to one great investment may be setting themselves up for bankruptcy if they don't have the financial and staff infrastructure to handle the investments. Never let your highs determine your need to enlarge your coasts.

Second, enlarge your coasts by measure. You will notice that God didn't go too fast, and the reason is because He understood that steady growth is better than rapid growth that cannot handle the expansion. Don't try to go beyond what you need. When you are small, doubling your expansion is easy, but the larger you get, the smaller your expansions need to be. When Israel was small, adding three cities was doubling their capacity, but the next time they needed three more cities, that was only a thirty-three percent expansion. You must be wise in not overextending your expansion. Expanding according to your middle numbers is the greatest principle to follow so that you don’t over expand.

Third, enlarge your coasts according to your organization. Organization is the key to growth. You will only grow to the capacity of your organization. Don't expect God to enlarge your coasts when you are not organized to handle the enlarged coasts. You will never grow beyond your organization. Always organize to handle more than your present capacity and you will find that God will expand you to your organizational vision.

Dr. Allen Domelle

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