The Catalyst of Faith’s Growth


Matthew 14:30 “But when he saw the wind boisterous, he was afraid; and beginning to sink, he cried, saying, Lord, save me.”

The story of Peter walking on water is a wonderful story of faith and its ability to grow. It all started with Jesus compelling the disciples to get into the ship to go to the other side. As they were in the ship, a storm arose that seemed too great for the ship to handle. While they were toiling in rowing, they saw Jesus walking on water, and Peter cried out in fear. To Peter’s surprise, Jesus again commanded Peter to come. Peter obeyed, but while walking on water, he saw the winds and waves and began to sink. It was while he sank that he cried for Jesus to save him, and Jesus reached out his hand and pulled Peter up. My favorite part of this story is that they both walked back together, and Peter had no more problems walking on water.

The battle of faith over fear is a constant battle. You’ll notice Peter had fear when he saw the storm and Jesus walking on water. However, he had faith to step out to go to Jesus. Moreover, when he saw the winds he feared, but he had faith to grab Jesus’ hand. A great lesson about how fear is the catalyst of faith is taught in this incident in Peter’s life.

First, faith will never grow without obedience to the compelling of the Master. Peter had to obey Jesus’ command for his faith to grow. If Peter did not obey the compelling of the Master while he was on land, he would have never had the opportunity to obey the Master again when He commanded Him to come to him on the water. Faith is always a result of obedience. You will never know when the next command of Jesus is the very command that will lead to the great miracle of your life; this is why you must always obey the voice of Jesus, even when what He asks you to do is scary or doesn't make sense. Always remember that faith is dead without obedience to the compelling voice of Jesus.

Second, faith cannot grow without fear. I know this sounds strange, but there would have been no reason for Peter to walk on water to Jesus had he not cried out in fear. It was his fear that led to him calling out. Fear is the opportunity to let your faith grow IF you don't let fear control your decisions.

Third, you cannot let fear stop your faith if you want your faith to grow and see greater miracles. Nobody has ever seen great miracles without ignoring the voices of fear inside and obeying the command of faith. Yes, faith is scary, but there is no need for faith if there is no fear. Fear is the great catalyst for faith’s growth.

Fourth, faith will grow to the level of fear. The greater fear you have, the greater your faith can grow. Those who attempted and saw the greatest miracles of faith are those who faced the greatest voices of fear. The smaller your fear is, the smaller your faith needs to be to overcome fear; however, it takes greater faith to overcome greater fear.

Here is the question you must answer; do you want God to do great works through you, or are you satisfied with little to no miracles so you can live a comfortable life. It is those who take the greatest risks of faith that see the greatest miracles of God. There is always a risk when you step out by faith, and that is why fear is present, but without fear, you would not need the faith to go forward. Let me challenge you not to be afraid of fear but look at fear as the opportunity to see your faith grow. It is when you look at fear as an opportunity that you will see God do the greatest works through your life.

Dr. Allen Domelle

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