The Character of the LORD

Jeremiah 46:28
“Fear thou not, O Jacob my servant, saith the LORD: for I am with thee; for I will make a full end of all the nations whither I have driven thee: but I will not make a full end of thee, but correct thee in measure; yet will I not leave thee wholly unpunished.”

In God’s encouragement to Israel, He reveals His character which should be encouraging to every believer. Though Israel would endure bondage, God’s character was revealed to show them that He still loved and cared for them. In the verse above, God makes four statements that reveals His character which should encourage you as a believer. Let me share these four character-revealing statements.

First, God said, “I am.” God is a present tense God who is always there for you no matter what you may face in life. God is not a good story to hear about for entertainment, but He is a present tense God who can still perform the miraculous as He did in the past. You must be careful that you don’t begin to acquire the mindset that God is only for the past and not for today. God may be an “I have” God, but more importantly He is an “I am” God. God being an “I am” God should encourage every believer that what He has done for others in the past, He can still do for you today. He healed in the past, and He can still heal today. He delivered His people in the past, and He can still deliver today. He answered prayers in the past, and He can still answer prayers today because He is an “I am” God.

Second, God said, “I will.” Not only is God in your present, but He is also in your future. The God who is with you today will still be with you tomorrow no matter what you may face. One of the things that should help every believer to live by faith is that God is as much in your future as He was in your past, and as He is in your present. If you will just serve the LORD and follow His Word, you will find that God will be with you in the future. Always remember that your future is God’s past because He is a God who knows what your future holds. Never worry about the future because God is an “I will” God.

Third, God said, “I have.” My friend, God directed you in the past, and you must never forget that He was with you every step of the way. If every believer would stop and look at where they were and see where God has taken them, they would realize that He has been with them every step of the way. Because God has guided every step of your past, it should encourage you that He continues to guide every step in your present. You may not have known where God was guiding you in the past, but you can look back and realize that He didn’t guide you to a wrong place, but He guided you into His blessings. Don’t ever doubt the guiding hand of God. You may not understand where He is taking you, but you can always be assured that wherever He guides you, it will always be the best for you.

Fourth, God said, “I will not.” Because God was in your past, and because He is with you in the present and will be with you in the future, you can rest in the confidence that He will never leave you. My friend, you are in good company as long as you walk with God. No matter what life holds for you, God will never leave you. He promised Israel, “I will not leave thee,” and that same promise is for you today. You may face the judging hand of God like Israel, but His mercy will keep His presence with you. You may face the trying hand of life, but always remember that God will never leave you; He will be with you to the end.

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