The Christian Response to God’s Chastening


Revelation 3:19 “As many as I love, I rebuke and chasten: be zealous therefore, and repent.”

Despite the crowd that wants to think that once a believer gets saved that God will no longer punish them for their sin, the Scriptures are clear that God does “rebuke and chasten” those whom He loves. To say that God no longer punishes the believer when they sin is to say that God no longer loves the believer once they get saved because His chastening is an attribute of His love. True love doesn't always approve of what someone does; rather, true love will also disapprove and punish someone for the wrong they do to keep them from going the way of destruction.

Just because you get saved does it mean that you will no longer struggle with sin. Salvation simply means that your sins are paid for, but you still have to deal with sin in your life that your flesh is prone to do. Once you get saved, you have the Holy Spirit inside of you to help you overcome sin. However, when you do sin, God will rebuke and chasten you when you refuse to deal with the sin that His Holy Spirit is trying to help you overcome. The verse above shows us several responses you should have as a believer when God chooses to chasten you because of your sin. Let me share these responses with you.

First, you should remember that God loves you. The fact that God is chastening you shows that God still loves you. God says that His love will rebuke and chasten those who do wrong. God’s love does not stop loving you just because you have done wrong; rather, God’s love moves Him to chasten you to bring you back to Him.

Second, you should remember that He loves you enough to try to keep you from sin’s destruction. Why would God chasten His children? He chastens them because He knows what sin will do to them; therefore, He will do everything in His power to help His child to quit the sin that will destroy their life. God doesn't want His children to experience the pain of sin’s end, and this is why He chastens them.

Third, you should remember that He loves you enough to try to restore the broken fellowship with Him that sin caused. Sin always hurts your fellowship with God, and He desires to have a close relationship with you. The only way God can draw you back to Him to keep the sin that has broken your fellowship is to chasten you so that you will remove the sin that has come between you and Him. The fact that God is chastening you should cause you to see how much God loves you and wants to have a close fellowship with you.

Fourth, for the love of God’s sake, you should repent. Instead of continuing down the road of sin, repent from it. If the only reason you choose to get right with God over your sin is because He loves you, that in itself should be a great enough cause to make you quit your sin. My friend, sin doesn't love you. The difference between sin and God’s love is sin only wants you to pull you away from God; whereas, God loves you despite your sin and tries to draw you back to Him with His love.

Fifth, for the love of God’s sake, you should become zealous for Him. Let God’s love to chasten you move you to become zealous or committed to Him. Don't let God’s chastening make you bitter, but let it remind you that He loves you so much that He wants to keep you from sin’s hurt; that alone should cause you to be zealous for Him.

Dr. Allen Domelle

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