The Christian Response to Tragedy


Matthew 27:63 “Saying, Sir, we remember that that deceiver said, while he was yet alive, After three days I will rise again.”

The fear of Christ’s enemies is that His declaration and promise to rise again would come to fruition. This promise caused them to request guards to guard His tomb to keep this from happening. However, it didn't matter how many guards they placed at the front of that tomb; Jesus was going to rise again because He promised to rise again. They could tie Him down and try to keep Him down, but He did not stay down no matter how hard they tried because the character of Christ was to rise again. What you have to understand is that they tried to silence the Master with threats, but He kept preaching His truths despite their attempts to prove Him wrong. They tried to place fear in His followers, but His following grew because of the help that He gave and the truths that He presented. They understood that His promise to rise again would happen; they just wanted to do everything in their power to hold Him down just in case they could.

Christ’s promise to rise again and His follow through with this promise should be the response of every believer with whatever problems they face. My friend, everyone around you should know that there is nothing that will cause you to quit. Quitting when trials and tragedy come is not the Christly example for the believer, but rising again from trials and tragedy is the Christly example for every believer to follow. Anybody can quit, but only those who have the power of Christ resting in them can promise that no matter what they face, they are going to rise again.

Nobody ever said that it would be easy to rise again from trials and tragedy. It took the power of Christ to rise again from the dead. Death and Satan tried to hold our Saviour down, but He rose again despite their attempts. It takes determination that no matter what tries to hold you down that you will rise again. It takes determination to rise again from sin’s victory over your life. It takes determination to rise again from life’s failures and to keep going despite the hardship of your daily trials. If you don't determine to rise again, you are sure to stay down when life knocks you down.

Moreover, it takes character to rise again. I have known people whose character was to get back up with every tragedy they faced, but when the BIG tragedy hit their life, I expected them to stay down.  To my surprise and pleasure, when the big tragedy knocked down these people, they rose up again; it may have taken them longer than before to rise again, but they did get back up. If you don't have the character to rise from the smaller trials, you are dead sure not going to rise again when great tragedy strikes you. You must make it a part of your character that no matter what you face and no matter what has knocked you down that you will rise again.

So, what is it that is trying to hold you down today? What is it that has knocked you down and tried to kill you? Don't let your enemies and the heathen have the pleasure of knowing that you are not going to get back up. Let them put their guards of social media attacks and gossip around you as you are down, but determine with the power of Christ that you are going to rise again no matter what they try to do to keep you down. Declare now that your response to trials and tragedy will be to rise again from them and follow through when these things happen.

Dr. Allen Domelle

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