The Clock Principle

John 2:19
“Jesus answered and said unto them, Destroy this temple, and in three days I will raise it up.”

The verse above was a prophecy from Jesus about His death, burial and resurrection. He told the multitudes that He would be killed, but in three days He would rise again. The temple that Jesus talked about was His own body. The Jews at first thought that He was talking about the physical temple that took forty-six years to build, but Jesus made it very clear that He was talking about the temple of His body.

Though this verse is talking about the three days in which He would rise again, I believe there is another important principle that we can learn from this verse. Every person will experience times that will get them down, and it is important that they learn how long it takes them to get their spirit back on topside. Too many people go through life without learning their clock, or the time it takes for their spirit to recover from the hit that it took. If you don’t learn your clock, you will harm your ability to recover.

Moreover, your spouse and family also have a clock that it takes for them to absorb and recuperate from your initial disclosure of information. Many marriages are ruined because someone doesn’t learn the clock or the time that it takes for their spouse to recover from something that is said. Likewise, many homes and churches are hurt because people don’t give others time to go through their clock to recover their spirit from unexpected or bad news. Understanding the clock principle is imperative to being able to get along with people and be able to live on the topside of life. Let me give you a couple of thoughts about the clock principle.

First, take the time to learn your clock and the clock of those you love. You need to learn how long it takes for you to recover. I know how long it takes for me to recover from bad news or from hard situations, and I have learned to give myself time to let my personal clock run so that I can recover from difficult times and situation.

Furthermore, I have learned the clock of those around me. This has allowed me to give them time to recover from when I have made a decision that they don’t immediately like. If you would learn the clock of those you live with and work with, you would find that you would be more understanding of their recovery from the information they received until they have run through their clock. One of the greatest studies you can perform is the study of yourself and those around you to learn yours and their time it takes to recover.

Second, learn to deal with difficult situations on days that give you enough time to recover for days you must be on topside. As a preacher, I have always learned never to give myself heavy appointments later than Thursday because I want to be sure to be on topside for Sunday when I preach to God’s people. You have to deal with bill collectors, difficult situations, and difficult people, but you can control when you deal with them. It would be very wise that you make sure you deal with those difficult situations on a day that will give you time to recover before Sunday when you need to be on topside to help others.

Third, don’t let your clock break down. If you find yourself or another person going longer than their usual clock, it would be wise to get help. Learning the recovery period for every person’s spirit, including yours, is the key to staying on topside in life.

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