The Cost

2 Chronicles 35:6
“So kill the passover, and sanctify yourselves, and prepare your brethren, that they may do according to the word of the LORD by the hand of Moses.”

When I look back throughout my life and remember those who have invested in my life, I see a great cost that many of them paid to help me serve the LORD. The cost of helping others go from a person who is a novice in Christianity to a person who is serving the LORD with their whole life is great. You will never make an impact on others if you are not willing to pay a price.

When Josiah had done what he could to bring Judah back to God, one of the things he reinstituted was the Passover. When you look at the ceremony they had and what it cost Josiah, you find a pattern you can follow if you want to help others serve the LORD. In the verse above, there are three things evident that you must be willing to do if you want your life to influence others for Christ.

First, it will take a total sacrifice. The first thing Josiah did was to “kill the passover.” This was a sacrifice of an animal losing its life so the people of God could have their sins atoned. My friend, you will never make an impact with your life without a total sacrifice. Too many want to serve God only when it is convenient, but convenience has never changed a life. I have always found that I must be willing to sacrifice my time, effort and convenience if I am going to make an impact on others. If there is no sacrifice on your part, there will be no impact on another’s life. Jesus sacrificed His life to make a change in your life, and He demands that you become a living sacrifice if you want to make a change in others. If serving God hasn’t cost you anything, you have probably not made an impact on any person.

Second, it will take total sanctity. Josiah told the people to “sanctify yourselves.” The word “sanctify” means to cleanse, purify, to make holy, and to set apart. Your life will not make an impact on others if you are living in the world. You are going to have to set your life apart for the service of the LORD if you are going to make an impact on others. There are things that you must give up if you want to influence others. I have found in my life that there are many things that are not wrong, but I have had to sacrifice them for the sake of trying to make an impact on others. If you are not willing to set your life apart from the world and those things that would hold you back from doing your best for the LORD, you will never find your life impacting others.

Third, it will take total investment. Josiah told the people that they had to be willing to “prepare your brethren.” In other words, they had to look beyond themselves and realize it was about investing their life in another’s life. Have you gotten to the point in your life where you realize that it is not about you, but it is about what you can do for others? Those who have made the greatest impact on many lives were those who were all in with their investment. Don’t think you can make a difference with others with a half-hearted effort. It takes total investment to make a difference.

Christian, at the end of life, you will want your life to have made an impact on others. This impact will never happen without it costing you total sacrifice, sanctity and investment. My question for you is this, are you willing to pay this price? It is a worthy price to pay when you see a changed life now serving the LORD.

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