The Crown is Fallen

Lamentations 5:16
“The crown is fallen from our head: woe unto us, that we have sinned!”

In the verse above, you don’t see anybody giving an excuse for the fallen crown. In fact, you see them taking personal responsibility for the crown falling when they said, “…we have sinned!” They knew exactly why the crown fell from their head, and they knew they deserved everything that had befallen them. The verse above is a sad commentary on people who were once the model to follow.

However, let me transition this verse from Israel to the present. Maybe you know someone who was once mightily used by God, but sin took their crown. Maybe, you are the person who was once used in a mighty way and now sin has taken the crown from your head. Perhaps you are the person that all you have are memories and regrets of what could have happened had you not let the crown fall from your head. Let me share several observations about a fallen crown.

First, just because the crown is fallen doesn’t mean you have a right to judge someone. It is not your right to judge the fallen person; that is God’s area. You should pray for the fallen and do your best to restore them instead of talking about them and casting stones at them.

Second, just because the crown is fallen doesn’t mean life is over. You may have lost the crown because of sin, but you still have life to live which means that God can still use you. As long as you are breathing air, God has a purpose for your life. He may have to remake the blueprints of your life, but you need to find His purpose and do it.

Third, you may never wear the crown again, but you can still work in the palace. Just because you can’t sit on the throne doesn’t mean you can’t do something in the palace. There is always something you can do for God in a church. Sitting on a pew or at home and doing nothing is not going to help you get over what sin has done to you. Get up from your sulking and get involved in something for the LORD.

Fourth, never let the fallen crown take your joy and hope of the future away. One of the sad parts about the verse above is that it says in the previous verse that the joy of their heart ceased. Certainly, sin has a way of taking away your joy, but your joy didn’t come from the position you held, but it came from the task you performed to help others. You can regain your joy and have hope for the future if you will start investing your life in people again.

Fifth, use your fallen crown to warn others about keeping their crown. Let me warn you not to brag about the sins that caused you to lose your crown; however, don’t hide the sin because it can become a tool to use to warn those who still have their crown about not doing the same thing that caused you to lose yours. Your fallen crown can be the biggest tool you have to warn others about the pathway of sin.

Sixth, determine to let your fallen crown to become a story of grace that you use to salvage others whose crown has fallen. My friend, there are many others out there who are lying in the mire of their sin and who think they can never be used again. You can take your fallen crown and go help others to get up as you have. If you don’t let the fallen crown keep you down, you can let it become a story of grace that will magnify the omnipotence of God to show others that God can use them even though they lost their crown.

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