The Downfall

2 Chronicles 10:8
“But he forsook the counsel which the old men gave him, and took counsel with the young men that were brought up with him, that stood before him.”

The story of Rehoboam forsaking the counsel of the old men has been pointed to scores of times because of his foolishness to follow advice that didn’t fit his parameters of what he wanted to do. Rehoboam could have avoided much heartache if he had just swallowed his pride and listened to a generation of men who had experience in dealing with matters like he faced. However, like many people in every generation who refuse to listen to the older generation, his downfall was great. Several actions led to Rehoboam’s downfall from which you can learn.

First, he looked to his generation for direction instead of the older generation. The foolishness of looking to your generation for direction instead of the older generation is that your generation has no experience to your stage in life; whereas, the older generation has already walked down the same pathway to which you are walking. The older generation knows what you are about to face, and you would be wise to look to them instead of your buddies who have no idea where the next step will take you or what it may be.

Second, Rehoboam wanted acceptance from his peers instead of wisdom from the older and wiser generation. Herein is one of the greatest problems of this present day; too many young men want to be accepted than right. Too many young men would rather be popular amongst their peers than right in following the advice of an older and wiser generation.

Third, Rehoboam thought he was smarter than the older generation. One of the greatest mistakes Rehoboam made was thinking he knew more than those who had already seen what he faced. You may be younger, and you may know more about newer technologies, but you don’t know more than the older generation does about life and its battles. It is better to admit your ignorance and follow the older and wiser generation than to reveal your stupidity by following your peers.

Fourth, he thought he could prove the old generation wrong. Rehoboam so desired to prove the older generation wrong, but he instead proved that they were right. When your every decision is to prove the older generation wrong, you are bound to prove them right. Pride and rebellion is the only reason as to why you want to prove the older generation wrong. You could save yourself much heartache if you’ll swallow your pride and humble yourself to listen to the older generation.

Fifth, his heart was exposed by which generation he chose to listen to. Whichever generation you choose to listen to reveal which direction you are heading. One of the main reasons the older generation is right is because they listened to the older generation before them, which ultimately, if you followed the trail of advice came from scriptural and godly principles.

The result of forsaking the older generation is always the same; a person’s downfall. My friend, the older generation may not be as up-to-date with digital technology and society, but they are up-to-date with what works and what doesn’t work. The older generation may seem a little grumpy, but until you have fought the battles that they have fought, you may want to give them a break and listen to them.

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