The Fruit of Walking By Faith

March 9, 2023

2 Corinthians 5:7

(For we walk by faith, not by sight:)

Faith is the absolute key to walking the Christian life successfully. You cannot be successful in the Christian walk without living by faith. However, it is more than just living by faith, but God says that it is walking by faith. It is interesting that God uses the phrase, walk by faith. He uses this phrase because the faith life is a life of motion and action. Nowhere in the Scriptures does it say we are to live by faith, though we are, but God always talks about walking by faith because to live by faith means you must be doing something for God. This verse shows five fruits when you choose to live by faith.

First, faith gives confidence. Verse 8 says, We are confident. A lack of confidence is a result of living by sight, but you gain confidence when you walk by faith that God will provide whatever you have faith that He will do. You will find that when you walk by faith that you will be a more confident soul winner, Sunday school teacher, bus worker, pastor, and Christian. Walking by faith does not give you a confidence in yourself, but a confidence that you know God will do what He asks you to do by faith.

Second, faith gives you a desire for the eternal. Faith changes your perspective of living. When you walk by sight, you will live for possessions, self, the world, and for monetary gain. When you walk by faith, you will live for that which is eternal. Walking by faith places your confidence that God will reward you for what you do at the Judgment Seat.

Third, faith gives you a forward direction. You will notice that God says that we walk by faith. You don’t walk backward, but you walk forward. Therefore, to walk by faith means you are moving and going forward for God. When you walk by faith, you will find yourself further down the road of the Christian life today than what you were yesterday. You will find yourself always doing something for eternity when you walk by faith. If you are going to please God and walk by faith, you must go forward.


Fourth, faith gives you a great vision. Faith challenges you to do something greater than yourself. It causes you to attempt things that you can see happening but has yet to happen. Your vision for what God can do will multiply when you start walking by faith. Always remember that faith living always produces more faith. When you walk by faith, your faith grows because of what God did through your past faith. Your attempts to do something greater for God always get bigger because your vision grows as you walk by faith.

Fifth, walking by faith places you in the right crowd. Notice the verse above says, For we walk by faith. This verse does not say, For I walk by faith. The easiest way to find the right crowd to walk with is to walk by faith. Very few people walk by faith, and normally it is the crowd that is doing something for God that is walking by faith. When you choose to walk by faith, you will find that the crowd who is satisfied with maintaining is the crowd that will want nothing to do with you. When you walk by faith, you will want to run with a crowd that is attempting great things for God and standing for right at the same time because they will challenge your faith.

My friend, walking by faith is the key to living for Christ successfully. If you want to do the right thing for the rest of your life then you must choose to walk by faith.



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