The Golden Touch

Genesis 39:2
“And the LORD was with Joseph, and he was a prosperous man; and he was in the house of his master the Egyptian.”

Years ago, I was talking with someone about a man who was very successful in his ministry, and the man I was talking to said about this successful person, “Everything he seems to touch turns to gold.” Have you seen or known people that everything they do seems to be successful? You would have to say about such an individual that they have the golden touch.

Joseph was one of those men who had the golden touch. Joseph was one of the favorite sons of Jacob, and his brothers knew it. When they sold him into slavery, Joseph rose to the top in his master’s house, and eventually handled all of his master’s affairs because his master saw that “he was a prosperous man.” After being falsely accused of trying to be immoral with a woman Joseph was thrown into prison, but he still rose to the top of all the inmates. Joseph reached the pinnacle of his life when he was taken from prison and made second in command of Egypt because of his wisdom in handling the impending famine. Everything Joseph did turned out right because he had the golden touch. Joseph’s golden touch can be attributed to the fact that the LORD was with him. My friend, you can have the golden touch if you are willing to do what Joseph did to get it. Let me share five things Joseph did that helped him to get the golden touch.

First, be a hard worker. Joseph didn’t become prosperous by being a slacker, but he became prosperous by working hard. It is amazing how lucky you will be in life when you learn to work hard. When you work harder than everyone else is when your work ethic will be noticed. You can’t expect to have a golden touch without hard work.

Second, don’t make excuses. Joseph could have used many excuses to sit in failure, but he chose not to rely on the broken crutch of excuses. You can always find an excuse as to why you are not successful, but you will never get any further than where you are in life by using excuses as a crutch for life’s misfortunes. You must purposely avoid excuses because excuses will abound if you want to use them.

Third, overcome life’s misfortunes. Joseph could have complained about what happened in his life, but he didn’t. If Joseph had complained about being sold into slavery and being put into prison after being falsely accused, he would have never prospered in each of those areas. Life happens to everyone, but what you do when life’s misfortunes happen will determine where you go from that point. Those who have the golden touch never entertain excuses and never quit when life throws them a curve ball, but they look for a way to overcome what they are facing and make the best out of their situation. It is often the answer to overcome an obstacle that turns an individuals misfortunes into gold.

Fourth, do right all the time. Joseph did right when he had the opportunity to do wrong, and it was that type of character that God blesses. You cannot cut corners and have the golden touch at the same time. Those who have the golden touch do right all the time, even in those times when nobody will see what they are doing.

Fifth, walk with God. Walking with God gives you His wisdom to turn into gold what your hand has to do. My friend, you can have the golden touch in life, but you will never do it without walking with God.

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