The Greatness of Greatness


Job 1:3 “His substance also was seven thousand sheep, and three thousand camels, and five hundred yoke of oxen, and five hundred she asses, and a very great household; so that this man was the greatest of all the men of the east.”

It is not hard to see the greatness of Job when you read about him. Even God knew that he was a great man, but even the great man still needed to grow. It did not matter what he had accomplished or what God said about him; he still needed to grow to become more of what God wanted him to become. How did this growth occur? It occurred through hard times. God had to allow the hard times in his life so that he could become a greater tool for God to use. There would have been no book written about Job without the hard times and without him growing through those times. When you look at Job, the greatness of Job was that he continually grew even though he was already a great man.

A preacher recently stated to me, “I hear you quote Dr. Jack Hyles often, but I heard that he preached for others other than Baptists.” This preacher who made this statement was not at all being critical of Bro. Hyles; he just knew that this was stated and that I was using him as an example to follow. I responded to this man by telling him that he was right in what he heard, but Bro. Hyles grew in that area and stopped preaching for others who didn't believe like him. I reminded that pastor that Bro. Hyles grew up in a liberal southern Baptist movement, and he had to grow like every believer should grow. I then told this man to copy the positional stances of the old Jack Hyles and not the positional stances of the young Jack Hyles. I then told him that the greatness of Bro. Hyles and many of his contemporaries is that they continued to grow the older they became.

My friend, one thing you will always learn about great people is that they never stop growing despite their greatness. Greatness doesn't stop growing and revert to weaker positions, but what makes them great is that they continually grow stronger despite their achievements in life.

The mistake many weaker believers make is that they copy the weakest positions of greatness instead of copying their strengths. You are going to find that great people of faith still had weaknesses. Moses had a temper, but he was also a man of great faith. Jacob was a deceiver, but he was also a man of faith who believed that God would take his children back to the Promised Land. Abraham backslid for a while and also had an adulterous affair, but he was also a great man of faith who continually grew into a man who kept his faith in God’s promises despite it seeming impossible for those promises to occur. David was a man of great courage, but he also put a contract on a man’s life and committed adultery. We could go through several of the great people in the Scriptures to show that greatness does have weakness, but you should never follow their weaknesses but their strengths.

If you are going to be used by God, you would be wise to grow continually. Greatness is never defined in achievements, but it is defined in the character of continual growth. Let me encourage you to copy the greatness of greatness, which is to grow from your weaknesses continually. Never let achievements become a license to stop growing, but be a person of character that continually grows despite those achievements.

Dr. Allen Domelle

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