The Hardness of God’s Way

Deuteronomy 8:2
“And thou shalt remember all the way which the LORD thy God led thee these forty years in the wilderness, to humble thee, and to prove thee, to know what was in thine heart, whether thou wouldest keep his commandments, or no.”

Because many people don’t understand God’s way, they needlessly grow bitter and angry towards God. Many people don’t like it that God allows people to go through hard times, but God has a purpose for those hard times, and if one will continue on through the hard times they will see that purpose come to reality. In the verse above, God shows why He allows hardness in His way. Let me share with you several aspects about God’s way and their purpose.

First, God’s way always humbles His children. According to verse 3, God often allows His children to go without so that they will be humble enough to look up to Him. Humans are proud by their sinful nature, and God cannot bless the person who sees themselves as the source of their blessings. God often allows you to go without so that you will be humble enough to look up to Him.

Second, God’s way proves you to Him. Why should God invest His blessings in a person who will quickly turn aside when the hard times come? God allows the believer to go without so that He can test them to see if they will continue to walk in His ways. God is simply making a business decision with your life. He is like the investor who wants to see if a stock is a worthy investment. My friend, the only way God can see if you are a worthy investment is to test you to see if you will continue serving Him even when times are not good. You prove yourself as a worthy investment to God by continuing to do right even when the hard times of life try to persuade you to quit.

Third, God’s way discovers the weaknesses of your heart. God sends hard times your way to reveal if your heart is toward Him. If hard times causes you to turn towards the world quickly, you will find that you won’t walk in God’s way too long. Many have turned quickly to the world in the hard times when they would have seen God’s blessings had they continued to walk in His way.

What is the purpose of the hardness of God’s way? Verse 1 shows that the purpose is God’s blessings. God wants to bless the believer, but He won’t bless them until they are humble enough to realize that they need Him and that they have no other way to walk but with Him. Two thoughts are brought to mind about the hardness of God’s way that will help you when you seem to go without.

First, you cannot have God’s blessings without first going through hard times. We want verse 1 without a verse 2, but verse 1 is the result of completing the test of verse 2. You want blessings without trial, but blessings are the result of successfully walking through trials. If you would keep in mind that on the other side of trials are blessings, you could find it within yourself to continue until you get to those blessings.

Second, the trials is what makes the blessings so blessed. Verse 1 is so good because of what you had to do in verse 2 to get the blessings of verse 1. My friend, the harder the trials that you endure produce greater blessings. The greater the blessings one enjoys is a testament to the greater trials they endured. God’s loves you enough to allow you to endure trials so that He can bless you. Let me encourage you to prove yourself to be a worthy investment of God’s blessings.

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