The Hope for Truth

Judges 5:18
“Zebulun and Naphtali were a people that jeoparded their lives unto the death in the high places of the field.”

When you read the song of Deborah, you see the wonder as to why nobody would come to help them fight the battle against Sisera. You would think because their freedom was at stake that the whole nation would join forces, but this song makes it evident that many had their excuses for why they wouldn’t join the battle.

Sadly, the excuses that the idle tribes used are used today when truth is attacked. Though we should not look for battles, they will come, and Christians should rise up to defend truth when it is attacked. However, throughout my lifetime, I have seen many sit idly by while truth is under fire. Yes, they have their “good reasons,” which are nothing more than an excuse to avoid the battle. No, battles are not enjoyable, and many don’t have the stomach to fight them, but the only hope for truth to continue uninhibited is for someone to rise up and fight like Deborah and Barak. The song of Deborah gives an insight as to why people won’t fight for truth, and what the hope is for the perpetuity of the truth.

First, some won’t fight battles because they are critical of those who fight them. The Reubenites were considered the thinkers of their day. They wouldn’t join the fight because they were critical of battles. They didn’t want to fight because they felt they needed to stay by their sheepfolds. The problem with this was if they lose the battle they lose their sheep. Many today won’t fight for truth because they say they are too busy building their church. My friend, the purpose of the church is to propagate truth. Don’t use your church as an excuse to stay uninvolved.

Second, some won’t fight because they don’t have the heart for the battle. Gilead abode beyond Jordan, so they didn’t think it was their battle. Truth is every Christian’s responsibility. Just because it isn’t pleasant to fight doesn’t mean you should sit idly by while truth is attacked.

Third, some won’t fight because it won’t benefit them. Dan was more concerned with how the battle wouldn’t benefit them than they were with defending their country. Many Christians won’t get involved in battles because they don’t see how it benefits them. Believe me, if they felt it would benefit them, they would get involved; but, somehow they don’t see the defense of truth as beneficial to their agenda.

Fourth, others won’t get involved in the battle for truth because they feel it is not their battle. Because the battle didn’t name them, they don’t want to fight for truth. Whether or not the battle is on your doorstep, the battle for truth is everyone’s battle. You should always arise and fight for truth when it is attacked.

The hope for truth is found in the actions of Zebulun and Naphtali. These tribes “jeoparded their lives unto the death.” The hope for truth continuing uninhibited is for God’s people to be willing to put everything at stake for the sake of truth. You cannot raise your finger to the wind to find out if the battle is popular because the battle will never be popular. If truth is going to continue, you must be willing to lose it all so that truth is defended. My friend, don’t look for the battle, but always be willing to defend truth when it is attacked. I would hope that you are the type of Christian who will not sit idly by when truth is attacked.

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