The Importance of Works


John 10:37-38 “If I do not the works of my Father, believe me not. But if I do, though ye believe not me, believe the works: that ye may know, and believe, that the Father is in me, and I in him.”

Many have bragged and continue to brag about all that they can do, but what you say and whether you can do it is what defines whether God’s hand is on your life or not. As a pastor, I have many people tell me when they join my church about what they are capable of doing, but very few have ever followed through with what they say they can do. I have learned that it doesn't matter how much a person talks about their abilities, but the best way to choose people to lead is to let their accomplishments speak for themselves.

As Jesus spoke to those who hated Him, he told them that if they are not going to believe Him for Who He says He is, then they should believe Him because of His works. Jesus understood that they could deny that He was the Son of God, but they could not deny the works that He did. Jesus’ enemies could not deny that He had healed the blind, fed the thousands, raised the dead, cast out devils, and caused the deaf to hear. These enemies had no answer to His works because His works testified that the Father was working through Him. Though what Jesus said about Himself was true, it was His works that validated what He said about Himself.

The one thing that will cause many to believe that God is using you is not what you believe, but what God is doing through you. People may not believe what you teach and preach, but they cannot deny the lives being changed through your ministry if you are reaching the lost. The importance of having works in your life and ministry cannot be overemphasized because the works validate God’s hand on your life and ministry. There are two things the word “works” is talking about.

First, works are accomplishments. You will have a hard time getting people to follow you if you have no accomplishments to show for yourself. Accomplishments won’t come without hard work. To say you are going to do something and then actually accomplish it is what silences the enemy and convinces those who are watching your work. A church without any accomplishments is a dead church. A missionary who has no accomplishments to talk about in their monthly newsletter is a missionary not worthy of support. If you are working, you will have accomplished something that is worthy of talking about.

Second, works are the miraculous. One thing that will separate you from most are the miracles that God is doing through your life or ministry. People cannot deny when God is doing something miraculous through your life. Accomplishments come through hard work, but the miraculous comes by faith, hard work, and prayer. Work will take you so far, but at some point, you must have spent time in prayer getting God’s power on your life so that He can do the miraculous through you. Those who do not like you cannot deny when God is doing the miraculous through you. They can attack what you say and believe, but the miraculous silences the critics because they cannot deny what God is doing through you.

Let me ask you, if people are looking at your works, can they see accomplishments and the miraculous? You will only be able to silence your critics and draw people towards your ministry when they see accomplishments and the miraculous.

Dr. Allen Domelle

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