The Key to Answered Prayers

Luke 11:9
“And I say unto you, Ask, and it shall be given you; seek, and ye shall find; knock, and it shall be opened unto you.”

The verse above is one of the greatest prayer promises given by God. An old-time preacher once said that every problem is the result of the lack of prayer. I would certainly concur that many of our problems happen because we don’t pray as we ought. You are going to have problems in life. Many times God sends problems because the only time He can get the believer to pray is when they have problems. Other times God sends problems so that He can build our faith to make us better believers so He can do greater works through you. The verse above points to you being the key to getting your prayers answered. Let me share with you why you are the key.

First, God is not the problem. God is never the problem when it comes to dealing with your problems because He has already promised to answer your prayers. God has never failed in the past to answer prayers, and He is sure not to falter now on His promises. Never fall for Satan’s trap to blame God for not answering prayer because God is never the problem.

Second, you are the key to prayers being answered. If you look at the verse above, God is clearly speaking to you. He says, “And I say unto you, Ask, and it shall be given you; seek, and ye shall find; knock, and it shall be opened unto you.” You will notice that you have to ask before He gives you the answer. You are the one who must seek before you are going to find. You are the one who must knock before the door can be opened. The problem is not God because you are the key to making this prayer promise happen. God won’t answer if you don’t ask. God won’t help you find for what you are seeking if you don’t seek. God won’t open the door for you if you don’t knock. You are the one who is the key to God answering your prayers.

Third, God didn’t say when He would answer; He just said that He would answer. A keyword in the verse above is “shall.” This word is a future-tense word. God doesn’t say when He would answer; He just promises to answer at some point. God is not a vending machine where your prayers are the coins you put into the machine to get what you want. You don’t just push buttons and God gives you what you want. God will answer your prayer in His timing, and His timing is always right.

Fourth, patience is the key to prayers being answered. Many believers have stopped praying before the answer only to rob themselves of seeing God performing the miraculous through their prayer life. Just because you don’t see the answer to prayer doesn’t mean you should give up on praying. My friend, you must keep praying until you get the answer. As the saints of old used to say, you must pray through until you receive the answer.

Fifth, God never said that He would give you for what you are asking. You will notice that He says, “…it shall be given you…” Notice that God didn’t say what He would give you. Neither did God say what you would find or what He would open. Many times what God gives us and helps us to find, or what door He opens is different from what we were asking, but it was the right thing that we needed. If you will trust God, He will answer your prayer according to what He knows is best for you.

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