The Lines

Psalm 16:6
“The lines are fallen unto me in pleasant places; yea, I have a goodly heritage.”

One of the beautiful sights of summertime that I always enjoy is a well-kept lawn. I always enjoy seeing the straight lines of a mowed lawn; to me it makes the lawn look so much better. I am always amazed at the outfield of a professional baseball stadium and the straight lines they have as those lines show the professionalism of their sport.

When I mow my lawn, I use that time to either pray or meditate on Scripture. One day as I was mowing, the verse above came to my mind as I was trying to keep straight lines as I mowed my lawn. I began to think about the lines that God gave me in my life and the importance of keeping those lines straight. Let me share with you some thoughts about the lines of our heritage that God gave me that day.

First, God’s Word is the believer’s heritage. One important reason that we must never stray from God’s Word is because He is showing the believer their heritage in His Word. The false perversions that are plenteous in society have perverted the lines by which God expects the believer to live, and worldly living is the only result that can come from reading these perversions. The King James Bible is God’s holy and preserved Word, and inside of its pages are found the lines of our heritage.

Second, the preachers and saints from the past is our heritage. The lives and sermons they preached are the lines we are to walk as those lines show us our heritage. My friend, don’t smear the lives of those who have handed us a good heritage, for their lives give us a line to walk so that we know how to please God.

Third, Jesus Christ is our heritage. When you look at the life of Christ, you find a clear picture as to how you should live. The greatest heritage that the believer has is Jesus Christ, for only in the name of Christ can anyone be saved. Your salvation was not found in any work or any other name, but your salvation was found in the work of Christ on Calvary. You cannot look at the believer’s heritage without seeing Christ written all over it.

However, the lines of our heritage must be kept straight because we are to pass those lines down to the next generation. My friend, stop looking to the fleshly and worldly churches to determine the lines of your heritage. So many people are confused about the lines of their heritage because they are looking at the blurred lines as a source for their heritage. You must always remember that the next generation needs to see the lines of your heritage clearly; therefore, you must live your life so that your life mirrors the lines of the heritage that has been given to you.

Moreover, watch out for those who have tried to blur the lines of our heritage. Sadly, there are many who have blurred the lines because, for some unknown reason, they look at the lines of their heritage as unpleasant lines. Preachers who never make clear their Scriptural positions are preachers who are blurring the lines of our heritage. Preachers who preach one thing but lead their ministries differently are blurring the lines of our heritage. If you want to keep straight lines to give to the next generation, stay away from the preachers and believers who blur the lines, for you can’t walk a straight line when it is blurred.

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