The LORD Helped Me

Psalm 118:13
“Thou hast thrust sore at me that I might fall: but the LORD helped me.”

God’s goodness to His children never stops. You may look at what you are going through and wonder how God is good, but all you have to realize is that God’s Word declares that He is good. The hardship that you are presently facing doesn’t void the goodness of God, but it only reveals His eternal mercy to His children.

Satan is after the believer. He will do everything in his power to get you to quit. Just like Satan puts his whole effort into getting you to quit, so he tried to destroy the psalmist. In fact, Satan thrust everything he could to try to destroy him, but he said that the “LORD helped me.” There are several things that the LORD’s help means.

First, the LORD’s help does not mean that the battle stopped. Nowhere in this verse does it say that the battle stopped, but it does say that the LORD helped him. You may need the LORD’s help, but let me warn you that the LORD’s help does not mean that you won’t have to continue to go through the battle.

Second, the LORD’s help does not mean that God handled the problem Himself. Again, the verse above says that the LORD helped him; it didn’t say that the LORD fought the battle for him while he watched. You are going to find that there are times when the LORD’s help in the battle only means that He is there by your side fighting with you. Don’t fall for discouragement’s false narrative that God’s help means that He does everything for you. There will be times when the LORD’s help only means that He helps you lift the load you are carrying.

Third, the LORD’s help does mean that the LORD saw what he was going through. You may think you are fighting your battle alone, but the LORD sees everything that the enemy is thrusting against you. God notices your battle, and He does care enough to help you.

Fourth, the LORD’s help does mean that the LORD made it easier for him. The word “help” means to make it easier. God is merciful enough to help make your burden lighter. In other words, you are not carrying the burden alone, nor are you fighting the battle alone.

Fifth, the LORD’s help does mean that the LORD was there in his time of need. At the very moment that the psalmist needed God, He was there. No matter what you are facing today, the LORD will be there when you need Him. God has never been late on an appointment to help those who are hurting. My friend, let me assure you that God will be there for you at the very moment that you need Him.

The key to getting the LORD’s help is found at the beginning of this psalm. You will never get the LORD’s help without first giving thanks to God for what you do have. A thankful heart has a way of helping you to realize that what you are facing is not as bad as it originally seemed.

Finally, you will not find the LORD’s help without trusting Him and His providential hand in your life. God has a purpose for what He is sending you through, but you must stop running from your problems and run to the One who will help you through your problems. Whatever you are facing today, the LORD will be your help if you will trust Him.

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