The LORD is Righteous

2 Chronicles 12:6
“Whereupon the princes of Israel and the king humbled themselves; and they said, The LORD is righteous.”

The statement that the “LORD is righteous” didn’t come when God’s blessings were abundant, but this statement was made when Judah forsook God and judged them for their sin. It was this sign of a repentant heart that caused God to turn His wrath away from His people. It was their declaration and acceptance of God’s righteousness that moved God to see a truly repentant heart and moved Him to help them in their time of judgment.

This verse displays one of the greatest signs that reveals the heart of a believer who gets right with God. There are many times when people come to God to get right, but the statement that you want to rededicate your heart to God means nothing if your heart and actions don’t follow up your decision. Just because you fill out a form at the altar to rededicate your life doesn’t mean you got right with the LORD. You get right with the LORD when your heart accepts whatever the LORD chooses to do after you get right.

The word “righteous” means justified or morally right. In other words, to declare the LORD is righteous is simply saying that the LORD has every right to do what He chooses to do. Let me point out several observations from this verse about the LORD’s righteousness and your heart being right with the LORD.

First, the LORD doesn’t need your declaration for Him to be righteous. The LORD is righteous whether or not you declare He is righteous. Your agreement that the LORD is righteous doesn’t change His righteousness. The LORD is righteous even when you don’t think He is righteous. The LORD has always been righteous, and the LORD will always be righteous even when you don’t agree with His decisions.

Second, a humble heart is a true sign that you believe the LORD is righteous. It was after the prophet came and prophesied against Hezekiah that he humbled his heart and declared the LORD’s righteousness. Your immediate response to when your sin is pointed out reveals whether you believe the LORD has a right to judge you. Many people only change their actions because they got caught, but getting right is not changing your actions because you got caught. Humbling yourself means to change your course of actions because you are wrong and God is right. When you are truly repentant for your sin, you won’t declare your goodness, but you will declare the LORD is righteous.

Third, accepting God’s judgment is a sign of a repentant heart. When they declared that the LORD is righteous, they were revealing their heart. When your heart is right with the LORD, you won’t squabble with the LORD about His treatment of you, but you will accept it as a result of your sin.

Fourth, continuing to believe the LORD is righteous even when your circumstances don’t change is a revelation of your repentant heart. Verse 8 says, “Nevertheless they shall be his servants…” Their situation didn’t change because they got right with God, but they still declared the LORD is righteous. The truest test of whether you are right with the LORD is if you continue to do right even when your situation doesn’t change. My friend, the LORD is righteous, and when you accept this fact, you will do right even when He doesn’t change your situation after your declaration of getting right.

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