The Most Powerful Sermon

Luke 8:56
“And her parents were astonished: but he charged them that they should tell no man what was done.”

The verse above is the story about a father whose daughter was deathly sick, and his only hope was to get to Jesus so that He could heal her. There is no doubt there was an urgency from this father because she was his only child. After asking Jesus to come and heal his daughter, He was delayed in getting to this girl before she died because of a woman who needed healing from an issue of blood. After this woman was healed, a servant came and told the father that his daughter had died. What heartbreaking news for this father to hear! Jesus responded to the father by saying, “Fear not: believe only, and she shall be made whole.”

When Jesus came to the house where the body of the young girl lied, people were around this family weeping and bewailing her death. Jesus said when He saw the tumult that was made about this girl’s death, “Weep not; she is not dead, but sleepeth.” This caused the crowd to laugh and scorn Jesus because they knew she was dead. Yet, when Jesus entered into the room where the body of this young girl lied, he said to her, “Maid, arise.” At this command, life entered into this girl.

Jesus gave a strange command to the family in that little room after she was given life again. Jesus “charged them that they should tell no man what was done.” You would think that Jesus would want everyone to hear what happened, especially after the crowd scorned Him for saying that she was sleeping. I believe the reason Jesus didn’t want the parents to go out of the room to tell the crowd that she was alive was because He knew that the most powerful sermon was for this young girl to walk out of that room for the scorning crowd to see.

A valuable lesson can be learned by Jesus’ example with this family. The most powerful sermons are often not the ones preached behind the pulpit, but they are the individual’s living what God’s Word tells them to do. For instance, the most powerful sermon on purity is a couple walking down the aisle as virgins on their wedding day. The most powerful sermon on repentance is the changed life of the person who got right at the altar. The most powerful sermon on soul winning is the Christian leading people to Christ every week. The most powerful sermon on prayer is answered prayer. The most powerful sermon on holy living is a life untainted by sin and the world. The most powerful sermon on God’s goodness is the Christian who keeps going during trials and hard times. The most powerful sermon on telling the truth is the Christian who speaks the truth even when it will hurt them. The most powerful sermon ever preached is the sermon being lived out in the Christian’s life.

My friend, I am not minimizing the importance of preachers preaching the Word of God. I am not diminishing the significance of people telling others what the LORD has done through their life. However, Jesus understood that the best way to silence the critics is not to attack them, but to show them the results of the Scriptures through living what They say. You are going to face scorners if you live for God, but the best way to silence them is to walk out of the room where Jesus changed your life and live for Him. Your example through living right is the most powerful sermon anyone can hear. Let your life be the light that shines brightly, and the bright light will be the most powerful sermon to darkness.

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