The Other Side of the Miracle

February 11, 2023

Matthew 8:28

And when he was come to the other side into the country of the Gergesenes, there met him two possessed with devils, coming out of the tombs, exceeding fierce, so that no man might pass by that way.

What an exciting time for the disciples who had just watched Jesus rebuke the winds and the sea, which caused them to be calm. One can only imagine the excitement of what just happened, and how these disciples likely felt that there was nothing they would face again, and that everything would be easy from that point forward.

However, when they came to the other side, there met him two possessed with devils. What? You mean to tell me that after the miracle they had another battle they faced and another battle that needed the miraculous to happen? My friend, you must always remember that on the other side of the miracle, Satan still has his adversaries who will meet you. You must always be careful never to let down after the great miracle.

In my lifetime, I have seen God perform some pretty miraculous things. As a pastor, we often push for big days to see what God can do, and every time God comes through with His miraculous power to not only give us a great attendance, but also to see many souls saved. It is easy after the big day to take a big sigh of relief and rejoice in the miraculous that God performed, but what I must always remember is that Satan will always have an adversary he will send my way after the miraculous. There are a few lessons I want to give you to help you to enjoy the miracle, but to beware about after the miracle.

First, take some time to enjoy the miracle. Yes, Satan is not going to stop sending adversaries, but take some time to rejoice and praise God for what He has done. It would be a mistake on your behalf not to enjoy what God has done through you and those working with you. You don’t see the miraculous every day, so enjoy it when it does happen.


Second, there is another battle after the battle is won. So you just saw God perform the miraculous; you had better beware because Satan will not give up. One mistake many make after the miraculous is that they let down. Satan has destroyed many saints after the miracle because they let down and stopped doing what brought the miracle. If you don’t want to become a casualty, you must be ready for the next adversary that Satan WILL send after the miracle.

Third, God still has power to meet the next impossibility as He did for the last impossibility. The next adversary that Satan sends is always different from the previous adversary, but God still has the power to overcome any adversary that Satan sends. Your next adversary will seem just as big as the last one, but God always comes through and has the power to overcome any adversary Satan sends your way.

Fourth, never let up because Satan is never done fighting. Satan is fighting because he knows his time is short; therefore, every time he loses, he will send another adversary to try to defeat you. Yes, you are on the winning side, but don’t let the victory of the battle be the adversary that defeats you. Many have let the success of one battle become their nemesis because they stopped doing what brought the victory. Always remember that on the other side of the miracle is another miracle that is ready to happen, but it will not happen without another impossible situation.



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