The Power of Doubt

Matthew 14:31
“And immediately Jesus stretched forth his hand, and caught him, and said unto him, O thou of little faith, wherefore didst thou doubt?”

The story of Peter walking on water to go to Jesus is one of the more exciting and well-known stories in the Scriptures. One can only imagine the euphoria that Peter experienced of being able to walk on water. Peter’s ability to walk on shows how the power of Christ can work through His people. This story shows how quickly one can transform from doubt to faith. However, it also shows the power that doubt can have in one’s life if they listen to doubt and let it control their actions. Five devastating results of doubt’s power can be seen in this story.

First, doubt causes you to see the troubles about you. Once Peter was walking on water, doubt set in which caused him to see the boisterous wind. It is interesting that the wind was just as boisterous before he stepped out of the ship to go to Jesus, but doubt got him to see the elements of trouble instead of seeing Jesus through faith. You will always find that when you live a life of doubt that you will always see troubles about you. The more you let doubt control your life, the more you will see everything about you as troubles. The only reason a person is negative and sees everything they are going through as trouble is because they are living in doubt.

Second, doubt brings fear of circumstances. When Peter saw the boisterous wind is when he began to fear. He wasn’t afraid as long as he was talking and trusting the Saviour, but once doubt started controlling his life is when fear began to hinder him from trusting God’s leading in his life. You can’t experience the walking on water experiences that God has for you as long as you let fear and doubt control you.

Third, doubt causes the miraculous to cease. As soon as Peter began to doubt is when he began to sink. Doubt is to faith’s miracles what water is to fire. The only reason God has stopped doing the miraculous through your life is because you have allowed doubt to control you. The miracles that faith produces cannot continue once doubt has entered ones life. The degree to which God performs the miraculous in your life is determined by where your doubt draws a line for faith not to cross. Wherever doubt has drawn a line for your faith not to cross is the line to which faith ceases and doubt rules.

Fourth, doubt takes your eyes off God. It was doubt that caused Peter to take his eyes off God, and your doubt is what will cause you to focus on yourself. You will find that you will never become the issue in your life if you will keep your eyes on God.

Fifth, doubt replaces faith with self-preservation. Peter cried to the LORD to save him because doubt caused him to think about what might happen to him. You will discover that when you live the life of faith that you will never worry about what will happen to yourself, but you will only be concerned with the name of Christ being magnified.

Have you allowed doubt to hinder you from seeing faith’s miracles in your life? Are you living a life of doubt instead of a life of faith? Let me encourage you not to listen to the voice of doubt, and don’t look at the storms that doubt sends your way to take your attention away from your faith in God, and stay focused on the God of your faith. If you stay focused on God, doubt’s circumstances will never control you.

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