The Prayer That Has No “Amen”

John 17:9
“I pray for them: I pray not for the world, but for them which thou hast given me; for they are thine.”

The final prayer that Jesus prayed before He was taken to be crucified is found in this chapter. Jesus confirms to the Father that He had fulfilled everything that He was supposed to do while He was on Earth. He asked the Father to help Him be glorified through the selfless act of giving His life for the world.

Yet, maybe the most powerful part of this prayer is found above when Jesus says, “I pray for them…” Jesus didn’t want those whom He trained and led for three years to be destroyed by what was about to happen. He was interceding for these disciples that they would be sanctified through the Word. Jesus earnestly desired that His disciples would be protected through the next few hours while Satan’s hour would become a reality.

However, though the prayer of Jesus was a powerful prayer, the most encouraging part of this prayer is that there is no “Amen.” In other words, Jesus said, “I pray for them…”  but because there was no “Amen,” He never stopped praying for them. This should not only have encouraged the disciples, but it should also encourage every Christian that Jesus is still interceding and praying for them. There are a few thoughts that we should take away from this verse that will help us in our daily walk with Christ.

First, Jesus is your intercessor. Christian, nobody makes Jesus pray for you, but He chooses to intercede on your behalf. Everyone may seem to be against you, but you can have the confidence that Jesus is on your side. He is interceding for you right now as you read this devotional. He knows your needs, and He is praying for you.

Second, Jesus never stops praying for you. The one thing I love about this prayer is that there is no “Amen.” Jesus doesn’t just pray for us one time, but He is constantly interceding for the saint. Whatever your need is right now, you can be confident that Jesus is interceding for it. You may not be able to pray all day, but Jesus can intercede for you all day. You may not quite know how to pray for your need, but Jesus knows exactly how to word your prayer to the Father as He intercedes for you. The great part is this; He never stops interceding. He never says, “Amen” until the prayer is fulfilled.

Christian, as encouraging as this truth is for you, imagine how encouraging it could be for others if you prayed for them as Jesus prays for you. Jesus is our example of how we should pray. If Jesus has no “Amen” to His prayer, there should be no time in our prayer for others when we say, “Amen.” Our prayer life should be one that is constantly interceding for the needs of others. Everyone needs someone to intercede for them. You could be that one if you would learn to pray like Jesus. Don’t just let your prayer time be one when all you do is go through a list and mention names, but let it be such that you intercede for them as Jesus does for us “with groanings which cannot be uttered.” (Romans 8:26)

My friend, do you pray for others the same way that Jesus prays for you? Let this devotional be a reminder that there should be no “Amen” to our prayers for others. As Jesus never stops praying for you, you should always be in prayer for others until the answer is realized.

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