The Precursor to Miracles


Mark 6:12-13 “And they went out, and preached that men should repent. And they cast out many devils, and anointed with oil many that were sick, and healed them.”

When you read the verse above, it would be hard not to have the desire for God to do through you what He did through the disciples in casting out devils and healing the sick. The miracles that God did through the disciples should be the desire of any believer. However, those miracles would have never happened had the disciples not gone out and preached. Before one devil was cast out, and before one person was anointed with oil and healed, the disciples had to obey Christ’s command to go and preach. Had they not gone and preached, not one devil would have been cast out, and not one person would have been healed.

We often want the miraculous without doing what God commands us to do for the miraculous to happen, but you will never see it without the difficult encounters that happen after you obey God to go and preach the Gospel.

I often talk about the “Miracle of Maranatha.” Some may wonder why I call it a miracle where I pastor. There were several situations we faced when I became pastor. I was forty-nine years of age when I took the pastorate at Maranatha Baptist Church. Many have said that nobody has built a great work after forty years of age. The church I took was a small church that was predominately attended by older people. Our buildings were old and desperately needed to be updated. However, the people got behind me, and together we went out and aggressively started leading people to Christ and bringing them to church, and the “Miracle of Maranatha” began to happen as the church started to grow because of souls saved and baptized.

Then, COVID hit! When many churches chose to stop, we chose to continue going and believed that God could still do His greatest work through an impossible time. We never stopped how aggressive we were with our soul winning during this time, and this was the time when God’s hand became the most obvious on our church. We doubled our attendance during the time of COVID. The “Miracle of Maranatha” happened because we obeyed God to go and preach, and He honored us by giving us the miraculous.

You will never see the miraculous in your life and ministry without going and preaching the Gospel. God will not work through any individual or church that is not preaching the Gospel. The purpose of the miraculous is to reach the lost. If I were in a church that has cut back or canceled their soul winning, I would get out of that church and move to a church that is aggressively soul winning so that I could see God do the miraculous in my lifetime.

Moreover, you will never see the miraculous without encountering the impossible. Many quit when times get hard, and that is why they never see God perform the miraculous in their life or ministry. Have you ever considered that God allowed you to face the impossible so that He could perform the miraculous through your life or ministry? It is not time to quit when you encounter the impossible; it is time to increase the preaching of the Gospel, for it is in the time of the impossible that God does His greatest works. My friend, let me challenge you to go and preach the Gospel and don't quit when you encounter the impossible, for the miraculous is not that far away.

Dr. Allen Domelle

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