The Purpose for Doing All Things


2 Corinthians 12:19 “Again, think ye that we excuse ourselves unto you? we speak before God in Christ: but we do all things, dearly beloved, for your edifying.”

Paul did not apologize for everything he did because he knew why he did what he did. The purpose of everything that Paul did for this church was to edify them. Every word that Paul spoke was to build the people. Every challenge that Paul gave was to edify the people. Every rebuke that Paul administered was for the purpose of edifying the people. Paul did not do anything for the purpose of building a large church, even though there is nothing wrong with building a large church, but he did all things for their edifying.

The purpose of everything that a pastor or a believer does should be to build people. Just think with me; the more you build people, the more people you can build. If you only focus your life or ministry on building yourself or your ministry, you will use people to build your work and will destroy them. However, when you use your work to build your people, you will not only build people, but you will also build your work. The purpose of building people should not be to build your work, but it should be to build your people. If I will not use my people to build my work, but I will use my work to build my people, then what builds people?

First, the preaching and teaching of the Word of God builds people. One reason we should not have fewer church services is because they will hear less preaching; thus, they are not edified because of less preaching or teaching. The reason we should have Sunday school classes, church services multiple times a week, and classes before services is for the purpose of building people. The more that people hear the preaching of God’s Word, the more they will grow.

Second, soul winning builds people. There is something about soul winning that causes people to grow, and that something is the Holy Ghost working through them. The more the Holy Ghost works through people to reach the lost, the more sin will be removed, and the more that individuals will become like Christ. Soul winning is a key component in building people.

Third, serving in the church builds people. People grow by giving out. The more your people have an opportunity to serve, the more that people have an opportunity to grow. We run bus routes not only to reach people who could not come to church without a bus picking them up, but we also run bus routes for the purpose of building the people who work on those routes. The more a person serves the Lord, the more they will grow in the Lord.

Fourth, giving out God’s Word through teaching grows and builds people. A pastor will only grow his people so much through his preaching, but at some point people will only grow by giving out God’s Word themselves. Yes, sometimes we start a Sunday school class so that a teacher is not overwhelmed with the largeness of their class, but the main reason we start more Sunday school classes is to help the teacher to grow. The more teaching opportunities we give people, the more they have the opportunity to grow.

Fifth, attempting faith works grows and builds people. Faith always grows people, and the more we attempt to grow a great church for God, the more we build people’s faith. Every great attempt of faith will grow everyone’s faith; thus, people are built in Christ to do more.

Dr. Allen Domelle

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