The Road to Spiritual Maturity


1 Peter 5:10 “But the God of all grace, who hath called us unto his eternal glory by Christ Jesus, after that ye have suffered a while, make you perfect, stablish, strengthen, settle you.”

Spiritual maturity is not a possession but the result of actions that produce spiritual maturity. Spiritual maturity has nothing to do with being saved for a long time. There are many believers who have been saved for years who are still living in the flesh and are babes in Christ. Spiritual maturity takes grounding, strengthening and settling. In other words, you will never be spiritually mature if you constantly jump in life. At some point in your life you need to settle down and let your spiritual roots dig in until you are stablished and become spiritually mature. In 1 Peter 5, God shows six actions that it takes to lead to being stablished, strengthened, and settled  so that He can make you perfect. Let me share these six actions with you.

First, you must learn to serve others if you are going to become spiritually mature. Verse 2 says to “feed the flock of God….” You don't become spiritually mature by feeding yourself, but you become spiritually mature by feeding others. God grows you by you giving of yourself to others. Anybody can teach others by being a soul winner. When you lead someone to Christ, you can then start teaching that new convert what you know. Stop waiting for someone to give you a Sunday school class to teach, and teach those new converts that you lead to Christ. You will never become spiritually mature without serving others.

Second, you must be subject to others. God commands in verse 5 to be “subject one to another.” In other words, you will never become spiritually mature by always having to have things done your way. Having the mindset that it must be your way or the highway is a selfish mindset. When you get your eyes off yourself, you will find that you don't mind allowing others to win.

Third, be humble. Verse 6 commands the believer to humble themselves “under the mighty hand of God.” In other words, be humble enough to let God have His way in your life. Spiritual maturity will only be found in the will of God, and you can't be in God’s will until you humble yourself to die to your will to accept His will. God’s will may not always be what you want, but you must humble yourself to find the spiritual maturity to accept that will.

Fourth, you will never find spiritual maturity without much prayer. Verse 7 commands the believer to cast all their care upon the LORD. Spiritual immaturity runs to man to get help in trouble; spiritual maturity runs to God in prayer to cast their care upon Him. God can handle your problems much better than man can, so stop trying to get the sympathy of man by telling them about your problems and get the help of God through prayer.

Fifth, spiritual maturity comes by being aware of Satan’s personal attacks. You must always be vigilant in your walk with Christ so that Satan doesn't destroy you through sin. Spiritual maturity understands there is no downtime to Satan’s attacks, and that is why you must always be vigilant.

Sixth, you must endure suffering to be spiritually mature. You will learn more about God and find the ability to help others when you don't quit in the hard times. Suffering will come, but it produces a stablished and settled believer to those who don't quit in the hard times.

Dr. Allen Domelle

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