The Simplicity of Salvation

February 14, 2023

Genesis 24:58

And they called Rebekah, and said unto her, Wilt thou go with this man? And she said, I will go.

The story of Abraham’s servant going to get a bride for Isaac is a wonderful story of salvation that shows the simplicity of salvation. When the servant found Rebekah, all that was asked of her was, Wilt thou go with this man? Her response to the question as to whether she would go with the man was, I will go.

You will notice that there was no long presentation to Rebekah, it was simply that Abraham sent this servant to find a bride for his son, and he asked her if she would go and she agreed. The servant did not wait to see if she was serious, nor did he go through a whole study of the trip to Isaac; he simply gave the invitation and then brought her to Isaac.

I am afraid that too many have made salvation way too difficult for people. Satan loves it when non-soul winners intimidate soul winners into complicating the salvation message. When you study the soul winning presentations in the Scriptures, you will always find that the presentations were short and simple. When Jesus led the thief on the cross to get saved, that was a short eighteen-word conversation between the two. When the jailor asked Paul and Silas what he must do to be saved, their presentation was a short fourteen-word presentation to this jailor. Did these people get saved? Yes, they did!


The Gospel is simple and powerful, and it only needs the believer to present it in its simplicity for the lost to accept it. Stop letting non-soul winners intimidate you into making it difficult. Many non-soul winners who criticize soul winners will have blood on their hands for causing some to stop keeping the Gospel presentation simple.

Remember, God made the plan of salvation simple so that all have an opportunity to get saved. He made it as simple as opening a door, drinking a glass of water, or calling on someone. God made the Gospel so simple that a child can understand it and receive Christ’s invitation to get saved.

My friend, the only ones criticizing the soul winner are those who never or rarely go soul winning. Christ made the Gospel simple for two reasons: so that the lost can be saved, and so that the believer could easily tell the lost how to be saved. We must be careful about overcomplicating how to give out the Gospel.

Let me also remind you that it is not your fault if someone doesn’t accept the simple Gospel. It was not the servant’s fault if Rebekah had rejected the Gospel; it would have been her fault. Likewise, it is not your fault when someone doesn’t get saved; it is their fault. You have to realize that it is not my ability to give the Gospel that makes someone understand it, but it is the Holy Spirit taking my words and explaining it to the lost that causes them to understand it. You simply need to give the Gospel to any lost person and let them decide whether or not they want to accept the invitation to get saved.

Have you found yourself struggling to be a soul winner because you thought you are not good at soul winning? Let me challenge you to remember that all you have to do is tell the simple Gospel and let them choose whether to accept Christ. Two words show how simple it is for a person to get saved, and those two words are “I will.”



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