The Sinner’s Hope

Nehemiah 1:3
“And they said unto me, The remnant that are left of the captivity there in the province are in great affliction and reproach: the wall of Jerusalem also is broken down, and the gates thereof are burned with fire.”

The sad condition of God’s people because of their sin is found in the verse above. The results of their sin left them in great affliction, the walls of Jerusalem broken down, and the protective gates of the city in ashes. This was a city that once used to be the stronghold of Israel. This once used to be a city that was the envy of the world because of God’s blessings on His people. However, sin left the city in ruins and the people looking in regret as to what they used to have. The verse above is a great reminder to the believer as to how sin will leave you if you choose to walk its path.

First, sin always leaves you as a remnant of what you used to be. Many people who have fallen in sin find themselves as a shadow of what they used to be. You can’t live in sin and expect to stay in God’s blessings. It was righteous living that made you who you were, and sin always takes from you and leaves you in shambles as a remnant of what you used to be. Sin leaves people looking at you and commenting as to how you are nothing like you used to be. My friend, don’t think that you can continue to stay the strong warrior that you used to be and continue to live in sin.

Second, sin always leaves you in captivity to your own devices. Without sin, you are a conqueror; with sin, you are a captive to sin’s devices. Sin has a way of slowly binding you in its chords until you are totally under its control without seemingly no hope of overcoming it.

Third, sin always leaves you in great affliction. Those who have been conquered by sin will attest to the fact that it always leaves your life dealing with troubles. Never think that you will find peace by going the way of sin, because it always takes your peace and leaves you in affliction and turmoil.

Fourth, sin always leaves you broken. The result of sin is a broken life that weeps and mourns in regret as to what could have been. Sin never tells you that it will leave you broken. Sin never tells you that is breaks you little by little until you have nothing left except memories of what God used to do through you, and regrets of what God could have done through you.

However, there is still hope for the sinner. The hope of the sinner is found in verse 6 when it says, “…I and my father’s house have sinned.” My friend, the hope of overcoming sin is when you admit that you are the reason for your condition. You are not in your condition because of other people; you are in your condition because you chose to live a life of sin. As long as you continue to blame others for your life’s condition, you will continue to be prey to sin’s results. Admitting your sin and that you are the one responsible for your condition is what brings hope that God can rebuild you.

Let me ask you; do you find yourself wanting God to rebuild your life? It doesn’t matter how deep you have gone into sin; God can rebuild your life if you will take responsibility for your own actions. Yes, you may be a shadow of what you used to be, but God can still use you if you will simply pray and confess your sin and responsibility of your sin. Don’t go another day in sin’s grips. Now is the time to start rebuilding your life by taking personal responsibility for your sin.

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