The Sowing Principle


2 Corinthians 9:6 “But this I say, He which soweth sparingly shall reap also sparingly; and he which soweth bountifully shall reap also bountifully.”

The verse above is often used when preachers teach or preach about giving, and there is nothing wrong with that, but this verse is much more than a verse about financial giving. This verse is a life principle that determines what you reap in life. The principle in this verse is the sowing principle. It is how much seed you sow in what you are doing that determines how much harvest you reap. For instance, the church that rarely sows the seed of the Gospel will get a sparse harvest of souls. The church that is aggressive in its sowing of the Gospel is going to reap more souls. It comes down to the amount of seed you sow that determines a sparse or bountiful harvest.

The greatest churches in history are the churches that sowed the Gospel bountifully. The reason they grew to the size they became is because of their faith to sow more seed and their work habit to keep sowing the seed. The church in the Book of Acts didn't turn the world upside down for Christ by being sparing in the sowing of the Gospel, but they sowed the seed of the Gospel everywhere they went, and they reaped a bountiful harvest of souls. The sowing principle is critical to what God can do through your life. Let me point out several observations about the sowing principles.

First, the lack of harvest is never God’s fault. The sowing principle is God’s promise, and He always keeps His promise. God never gives back less than you sow, but He rewards you according to your faith in sowing. God always sees more seed in the barn that He wants to get out. The disciples sowed one net when God told them to sow “nets,” and their harvest of fish was according to their effort and obedience to God. Never blame God for a lack of harvest, but look inward to your lack of effort to sow the seed to reap a harvest.

Second, the amount of your harvest is your fault. The reason you reap sparingly in life is because you have a sparing mindset of sowing. You don't reap a bountiful harvest by having a sparse sowing mindset. Your harvest is a representation of your work and sowing ethic. Don't get mad at others having more when they sowed more work and sowed more seed in their harvest than you did. They reaped according to their faith to sow just like you have. Sow more seed if you don't like the amount of your harvest.

Third, if you want more, sow more. I know this sounds too simple, but it is actually the key to seeing more happen in your life. The person who wants more out of their marriage needs to put more into it. The pastor who wants his church to grow must put more seed out to reap a greater harvest. The business owner who wants their business to grow more must put more effort into seeing that business grow. The greatest secret, which is really no secret, to those who do greater things than others is that those who do greater things have a greater sowing effort.

My friend, if you want to see God do the impossible, then sow more seed than you think you can handle and watch God do the impossible. The only reason you don't see God do the miraculous is because you are not sowing enough seed that needs God to perform the miraculous. If you want more than what you think you can handle, sow with a miraculous mindset and watch God give back more than you sowed.

Dr. Allen Domelle

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