The Troublemaker

1 Kings 18:17
“And it came to pass, when Ahab saw Elijah, that Ahab said unto him, Art thou he that troubleth Israel?”

A humorous but sad statement is made in the verse above by Ahab when he said to Elijah, “Art thou he that troubleth Israel?” Ahab blamed Elijah for all the problems when Elijah was only the messenger of God. It wasn’t Elijah who made Ahab marry Jezebel. It wasn’t Elijah who stopped the rain for three years. It wasn’t Elijah who made Baal the main god of worship. It wasn’t Elijah who caused the calamities that had come upon Israel.

Elijah was only the messenger who delivered God’s message, but somehow he became the troublemaker because he did what was right. Ahab should have looked at himself as the troublemaker because he was the one who did evil more than all the kings before him. Yet, Ahab was the one called the troublemaker because he didn’t fall lockstep into Ahab’s sinful and evil ways that brought God’s judgment on Israel.

You will find that doing the right thing is not always going to make you the hero. Elijah obeyed the LORD and did the right thing, but he was the one who was called the troublemaker. Elijah’s stand for right teaches several lessons to the Christian that need to be understood about the implications of standing for right and doing the right thing.

First, doing right often causes you to be considered the troublemaker. I often tell people that when they do the right thing that they will be considered the bad guy. Those who live in sin can only see those who do right as the troublemaker. You cannot take the accusations and attacks personally because sin is what causes people to attack the one doing right. When you do right, don’t be surprised when you are considered the problem.

Second, doing right often causes you to stand alone. Elijah didn’t have a cheerleading section to cheer him along while he stood against Ahab and the four hundred prophets of Baal. Christian, if you always have to have a pat on the back for doing right, you will soon be standing on the wrong side of the LORD. Most people who stand for right often stand alone. The cheerleaders are often on the other side, and you are just going to have to come to grips with this if you are going to continue standing for the LORD.

Third, doing right often makes you out-of-touch with society. Elijah wasn’t in touch with the modern day culture in which he lived. In fact, he was very out-of-touch, but he was in touch with God. It is always better to be out-of-touch with modern day culture and in touch with God’s Word. You cannot be in touch with the world and with God at the same time. These two things don’t go together. When you do right, you are going to find that society is going to consider you out-of-touch with reality, but the world’s reality is always out-of-touch with the Word of God.

Fourth, doing right always brings God’s favor and blessings. My friend, you may find yourself in a lonely position for doing right, but you will always find the best companion standing alongside you, and that companion is God. Let me remind you that doing right often puts you on the wrong side of society, but it will always bring you into favor with God. If doing right brings you into favor with God, that alone should cause you to continue standing for right.

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