The Works of the LORD

Psalm 111:2
“The works of the LORD are great, sought out of all them that have pleasure therein.”

The greatest thing that anyone could do in life is to be involved in the work of the LORD. There are many noble things in this world that people could be involved in, but the work of the LORD is the only thing that you will never regret doing. Some give their lives to finding cures for disease, and this is a worthy work, but this pales in comparison to doing the work of the LORD. Some give their lives to politics, but this doesn’t even come close to giving your life to do the work of the LORD. In Psalm 111, God shows us why His work is better than anything else you could choose to do in life.

First, the works of the LORD are great. In other words, there is nothing about the work of the LORD that makes it second-rate. Nehemiah said that he was doing a great work; therefore, he would not come down from the wall because the work he was doing was better than anything else that others had to offer. My friend, there is nothing greater to do in life than to do the works of God. You don’t need to entertain any other thing in life because God’s works are the greatest.

Second, the works of the LORD are honorable. In other words, the works of the LORD hold the highest rank of any other work that could be done. God’s work doesn’t take second place to anything else, and you must always keep this in mind when other things try to pull you away from His works.

Third, the works of the LORD are wonderful. In other words, His works are worth remembering. At the end of life, when you begin to reminisce about your life, you will always find that the works you did for the LORD will bring the greatest memories. The greatest memories of life that have the most rewarding experiences will always be the works of the LORD. God working through your life is always worth talking about again.

Fourth, the works of the LORD are right. Even when you don’t understand what God is doing, His works are always right. You may have suffered heartache, but the works of the LORD are right. You may not see why God allowed something to happen in your life, but you must always believe that His works are always right, even the works that you don’t understand. There will come a day when you look back at what you didn’t understand what the LORD was doing in your life, and you will then realize that what He did through you was the right thing. You don’t have to understand God’s works in your life for them to be right. God’s works are right even if His works don’t benefit you.

Two things you must remember because of these great attributes about the LORD’s work. First, the LORD’s work must be treated importantly. Because the LORD’s work is great, honorable, wonderful, and right, you must always treat His work as the most important thing in all the world. It matters not how small you may think what you are doing for the LORD may be, you must treat even the smallest works importantly because every work of God deserves our best.

Second, never let anything pull you away from the LORD’s work. My friend, Satan will always offer you something that sounds better than the LORD’s work, but there is nothing more worthy of your effort, attention and life’s ambition than the LORD’s work.

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