There’s Always Another Side

1 Chronicles 2:34
“Now Sheshan had no sons, but daughters. And Sheshan had a servant, an Egyptian, whose name was Jarha.”

We don’t know much about Sheshan, but one thing we do know is that he didn’t have any sons. In these days, not having a son was a big deal because that is how your inheritance was carried forward throughout the generations. Though he had this limitation, he didn’t allow it to become an excuse not to pass on his lineage and inheritance. What this man found out was that he had a servant to whom he chose to give his daughter, and this man became his son and the one who would carry on the inheritance.

The story of this man carries a significant truth that you should apply to your life. He had no son, but he found there was another side if he didn’t use it as an excuse. He could have whined and complained about not having a son, but he instead chose to find a way to look to the other side. His perspective of his deficiency is what gave him the opportunity to see that God had provided another way for his inheritance to be carried forward.

My friend, everyone has a deficiency. Far too many Christians complain about what they don’t have or what they are not able to do instead of realizing there is another side. You are not the first person to find yourself in a situation where you have a deficiency. Many people have had deficiencies, and instead of allowing it to be a crutch, they went forward in life and did great things for God. Moses had a speech impediment, but he didn’t allow it to be an excuse not to perform God’s will. Paul had eye problems, but he found out that God’s grace was sufficient to bring him through his weakness. The same grace that helped Paul through his deficiency is the same grace that can help you overcome yours.

Moreover, there is always another side to your deficiency. For every negative in life, God has provided a positive. You may not be a genius, but you do have common sense. You may not have wealth, but you do have a good work ethic. You may not be an extrovert where you are good at meeting people, but you do have kindness you can show to people. You may not have the ability to speak publicly, but you do have the ability to be a team player to help the work of the LORD to go forward. Whatever your deficiency is, there is something you have to help offset it.

Furthermore, God has already given you the answer to your deficiency if you look at what you have. Christian, you have a choice, you can complain about your shortcomings in life, or you can give what you have and use it for the LORD. Don’t you think that when the LORD made you that He knew what your weaknesses and frailties would be? I have always found that there is a strength to every weakness. You will never find that strength if you complain and let your weakness be a crutch to sit and do nothing.

It is time to stop looking at the strengths of others and complaining about your inability to be like them and look for the opportunity God has already given you to do something for Him. You are a unique individual whom God made with your strengths and weaknesses; let your uniqueness become your strength to help others. Always remember that your inability is God’s ability to show Himself strong through you. Trust the providential hand of God to use you the way that He made you.

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