Things That Destroy the LORD’s Work

Proverbs 22:12
“The eyes of the LORD preserve knowledge, and he overthroweth the words of the transgressor.”

The greatest work that any person could give their life to is the work of the LORD. It is the work of the LORD where you will find fulfillment in life, and it is the LORD’s work where purpose for life is found. There are many works that are good works, but the greatest work is the LORD’s work.

Satan knows what the LORD’s work can do for those who are lost; therefore, he will do everything in his power to destroy the LORD’s work. In this chapter, God shows five things that will destroy the LORD’s work. Let me show you these five things so that you can be sure to keep from them in your own life.

First, sin will destroy the LORD’s work. The verse above says, “…he overthroweth the words of the transgressor.” Sin can destroy in one day what you spent years in building. You will certainly never be sinless in this life, but you can keep a short account with God and be sure that you don’t allow sin to continue to control you. However, God talked about the “words of the transgressor.” What you say is critical to the LORD’s work. One word of gossip can destroy much good that has been labored over for years. The words of negative and gossiping people have destroyed many good works over the years. You must guard your mouth that you don’t allow it to become a source of sin that destroys the LORD’s work.

Second, laziness will destroy the LORD’s work. Verse 13 talks about the slothful man never doing any works because he always has an excuse as to why it can’t be done. It takes hard work to do the work of the LORD. The LORD’s work will never be accomplished to the LORD’s standard when you always have an excuse as to why something in His work can’t be done. The LORD’s work may be hard to do, but the rewards it gives far outweighs the hardship of the toil it takes to make it happen.

Third, infidelity will destroy the LORD’s work. Verse 14 talks about the mouth of a strange woman being a “deep pit.” Many people have seen their work destroyed because they wanted to enjoy one night of pleasure. My friend, it doesn’t matter what infidelity promises you; you will always find that the promise of infidelity is a trap that leaves your life in ruins with regrets of what could have been had you avoided it.

Fourth, the lack of order and structure will destroy the LORD’s work. Verse 15 talks about foolishness being bound in the heart of the child. Foolishness is uncontrolled living. You cannot see the LORD’s work go forward without structure or order. There must be rules, boundaries, and order for the LORD’s work to run efficiently. There is nothing wrong with establishing rule by which everyone should live, and there is nothing wrong with having boundaries for people to stay within their own area of responsibility. God’s work will flounder and fail without order and structure.

Fifth, selfishness will destroy the LORD’s work. Verse 16 talks about oppressing the poor to increase riches. The LORD’s work will be destroyed if your purpose of doing His work is about people serving you. You must have a servant’s mindset to serve others if you want to be successful in the LORD’s work. There is no place for selfish, egotistical believers in the LORD’s work. If you will always remember Who’s work you are doing, you will never make His work about you.

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