Those Days are Gone


Job 29:4 “As I was in the days of my youth, when the secret of God was upon my tabernacle;”

Oh, for the days of youth! This is what Job thought when he was going through the tough times. We can understand Job’s desire to return to his youth because of what he was going through, but those days he wanted to go back to were gone. He remembered those days as the days that the “secret of God was upon” him. However, he didn't realize that God’s hand was still upon him. He made the mistake that hard times meant that God was no longer blessing him, when in reality God’s hand was upon him; it was only that God’s hand was making him a better person so he could be used in a greater way in the future.

Many miss what God is doing in the present only to wish they could have those days again. Had those who lived in those days gave their full attention and effort to contribute in those days, they would not have to look back and wish they could relive those days again. There are several lessons the verse above teaches that could help you to avert living a life of regret.

First, those days you remember as so good are likely not as good as you remember. We tend to remember the good of the past and throw out the struggles we faced in those days. If God was blessing your past, that means that you had to go through struggles to see His blessings just like you are going through in the present. Certainly, it is good to remember the days of the past, but that does not mean your present will not be good days when you look back at them in the future.

Second, enjoy God’s blessings and never take them for granted; you never know when it will end. Many take the blessings of a good church for granted only to regret not doing more when those days are gone. If you are in a church that God is blessing, enjoy every day of it because you may look back one day and wish you could have those days again. Instead of complaining about how busy you are and how much pressure you are under, you would be wise to enjoy the pressure and the busyness because that is what is bringing the blessings of God to your church. Many have left a good church because of “too much pressure,” only to regret it because they never see souls saved and converts baptized in the dead churches where there is no pressure. My friend, of course there is no pressure in a dead church because death has no life. Yes, there is pressure in a thriving church, but the pressure to see souls saved and the church to grow only shows that your church is alive. Don't take this pressure and the busyness of the schedule for granted; you may be living in the greatest days of God’s blessings on your life.

Third, give your best today, and you will never have to look back in regret. The best way not to look back in regret is to give your best today. If you give your best today, you won't have to look back and wish you could have done more.

Let me ask you, are you looking back and wishing you could go back to where you think it was so much better? What you deem as God’s hand no longer upon you because of hard times may be God sending you through a time of purification so He can use you better in the future. Give your best to whatever you have today. Remove any impurities that hinder God from working in your life. Give your best to what you are doing today, and you will never have to look back and wish you could relive a portion of your life over again.

Dr. Allen Domelle

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