Thou Hast

Job 22:6
“For thou hast taken a pledge from thy brother for nought, and stripped the naked of their clothing.”

The friends of Job were not much friends at all. The longer they spent with him, the more they accused him of things for which they could not prove. Eliphaz took the accusations to another level. He accused Job of thinking that he was bigger than God. He accused him of great wickedness. He accused him of taking from others for no reason. He accused him of robbing the poor, and he also accused him of not giving back to those who were in need. You would think by this conversation that Job was the worst person in the world.

However believable these accusations may have seemed at the time, these accusations were completely false. God never one time pointed out any of these things. Had Eliphaz left judging up to God, he would have never found himself on God’s judgment list at the end of the Book of Job.

Accusation is sadly a part of life which everyone must deal with at some point. I have watched children accuse their parents of things which were not true. I have watched preachers endure accusations from those whose agenda was to destroy them. I have watched innocent people try to defend their name because of one person who didn’t know the whole story accuse them of something they never did. Accusation is something you will have to deal with, but how you handle it could determine your future credibility. Let me give you some thoughts on how to deal with accusation.

First, one accusation always destroys the reputation of a person forever in the eyes of others. It is always better to be slow to accusation, allegation and incrimination, and instead be quick to prayer. You must always remember that you may take back your accusation, but you can never undo the damage your accusation had in the eyes of some. When you accuse someone of something, you are forever damaging their name and character. It is better not to accuse than it is to accuse and destroy someone’s name for years to come.

Second, it is always better to believe in the innocence of a person and be wrong than to believe in the guilt of a person and be wrong. It is always best to stand with the accused. I know the Pharisee will accuse me of covering up, but what if you are wrong? One day you will be the accused, and wouldn’t you want someone to believe in your innocence? Your character and judgment are at stake, and erring on the side of accusing someone always puts your character and judgment in question. You will help more people if they know you tend to defend the accused than you will if you are quick to accuse and attack another person.

Third, no matter how believable an accusation may sound, never make a judgment without learning the whole story. Just because something may sound believable doesn’t make it true. You haven’t heard the other side of the story. My friend, most accusation is filled with truth but is lacking an important part that changes the whole story. You would be wise not to jump on the bandwagon of accusation just because it sounds believable.

Fourth, accusation is an act of Satan; restoration is an act of God. Satan is the accuser of the brethren; whereas, God is the restorer of the fallen. Which side would you rather be on? My friend, sin should never be covered up, but destroying the sinner with accusation won’t help anyone.

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