Too Big for Your Britches

Numbers 16:1
“Now Korah, the son of Izhar, the son of Kohath, the son of Levi, and Dathan and Abiram, the sons of Eliab, and On, the son of Peleth, sons of Reuben, took men:”

The story of Korah is a tragic story of a life that is wasted because of jealousy. We don’t know much about Korah, but one thing we know about him is that he rebelled against Moses. Korah felt that Moses had too much responsibility and that he just didn’t want to share the glory. Moses’ response to Korah’s claim showed how wrong Korah was, and Moses’ action alone should have cause Korah to repent of his rebellion, but it didn’t.

The one thing that jumps out about Korah was that he was the grandson of Kohath. Kohath was one of the sons of Levi who was given the responsibility to take care of the most holy vessels of the tabernacle during their travels. This responsibility was given to Korah as well, but for whatever reason, Korah got too big for his britches and wanted center stage instead of doing what he was supposed to do. The tragic ending of Korah is always the end of those who let rebellion get in the place of service. Several lessons can be learned from Korah that will keep you from going down the same road and experiencing the same tragic ending.

First, don’t lose sight of the importance of what you do. Korah’s problem was that his job wasn’t big enough for him. Jealousy is always the result of people who don’t think their job is big enough, and jealousy is always a result of pride. Had Korah stayed humble like his grandfather and enjoyed doing what God made him to do, he would have been satisfied and realized the importance of his responsibility. You must never forget how big your responsibility is and stay focused on what you need to do.

Second, when you focus on positions that are not yours, you stop fulfilling duties that you must do. While Korah rebelled against Moses because he wanted more responsibilities, his own responsibilities were not being taken cared of. When you start looking at what you want instead of what you have, what you have will always suffer neglect. You may think that you should have what another is doing, but you are neglecting the duties you are supposed to get done. Your responsibilities are great enough that you shouldn’t have time to worry how another is doing theirs. Do your job, and you won’t have time to worry how another is doing theirs.

Third, keep your opinion to yourself, you don’t know everything about the duties another must fulfill in their area of responsibility. It is always amazing how people think they know what another person should be doing when they have never filled that position themselves. Korah didn’t know everything Moses had to do, and he didn’t know the heart of Moses who desired to please the LORD by helping God’s people. My friend, God doesn’t judge you by how another runs their area of responsibility, but he judges you by how you take care of your area of responsibility. Your opinion will get you into trouble if you dwell on what others should be doing instead of what you should be doing.

The greatest lesson you can learn from Korah is to stay in your area, and never take for granted the greatness of your responsibility. Only pride will cause you to think you should have more responsibility. Always remember that God knows your name and where you are, and He will promote you to greater responsibilities when He knows you are ready.

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