Top It Off

Luke 4:1
“And Jesus being full of the Holy Ghost returned from Jordan, and was led by the Spirit into the wilderness,”

Years ago, most gas stations were full-service gas stations. Full-service gas stations were places where the car owner stayed in the car and a gas station attendant came to the car and asked the driver how much gas they wanted to purchase. If you wanted to fill up the tank, it was not uncommon to tell the attendant to “top it off.” Topping it off meant that you wanted your tank filled up.

Three times in the early years of Jesus’ life and ministry we are shown where Jesus topped it off. The first two times are found in Luke 2:40 where it says, “And the child grew, and waxed strong in spirit, filled with wisdom: and the grace of God was upon him.” The last time is found in the verse above where it says, “And Jesus being full of the Holy Ghost…” When it says that Jesus was “filled” or “full of,” it was saying that He topped off his life with these things.

If you are going to be used of the LORD and have the ability to overcome Satan’s temptations and attacks, you are going to have to top off your life with the same things that Jesus did. You will notice it was after the verse above that Jesus was led of the Spirit into the wilderness where Satan took the opportunity to tempt Him. It was because Jesus topped off His life with these three things that allowed Him to overcome Satan’s temptations and attacks, and it is also what allowed Him to do great works. Let me share with you these three things so that you can overcome Satan’s attacks and temptations so that God can use you in His work.

First, you need to be topped off with God’s wisdom. You will never make it in the LORD’s work without the wisdom of God. It was God’s wisdom that helped Jesus to ward off Satan’s temptation. Every time Jesus was tempted by Satan, He used the Word of God to ward off those temptations. God’s Word is the source of wisdom. If you don’t spend time in God’s Word and fill your mind with the godly wisdom found within its pages, you will find yourself struggling in your walk with God. You cannot overcome sin’s temptation and Satan’s attack without being filled with the wisdom found in God’s Word.

Second, you need to be topped off with the grace of God. You will notice that it says about Jesus, “…and the grace of God was upon him.” The grace of God certainly saves you from sin, but the grace of God also allows you to interact with others in a Christlike manner. Why would it say that the grace of God was on Jesus if He didn’t need to be saved? It said this because Jesus needed to use grace to help others. You can be filled with the wisdom of God, but God’s wisdom will not help others if you don’t apply it with grace. In other words, you don’t have to kill people just to get them to grow in the LORD. Jesus was very gracious in His handling of the disciples when their weaknesses were exposed, and you must be filled with grace if you are going to see God use you to help others to grow in grace.

Third, you need to be topped off with the Holy Ghost. The key to all of this working is to do God’s work through the power of the Holy Ghost. You will fail to do God’s work if you attempt it in the power of the flesh. Powerless people tend to find excuses as to why God’s way of reaching the lost doesn’t work. If you want God to do something mighty through you, let me suggest to be topped off, or filled with the Holy Ghost.

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