Tried to the End


Job 34:36 “My desire is that Job may be tried unto the end because of his answers for wicked men.”

The man who seemed to be the wisest of all those friends who came to Job was the young man who waited until the end to speak. He saw his three other friends criticize and attack Job, and he saw the foolishness of criticism. He made a wise statement to all of these men when he said, “My desire is that Job may be tried unto the end…” What he was saying was, don't look at where Job is now to judge him, but wait until the end of his life to judge him. He was saying that to these men, it may look like God is judging Job, but if they waited until the end they might find out that God was trying Job to make him a better person.

Many believers make the mistake of making immediate judgments by the present appearance instead of waiting to judge to the end. One thing that separates wise people from the rest is that the wise person looks to the end to make a judgment call. Instead of just looking at what the present may say about a person or a situation, wisdom tells you to look to the end before you make the judgment. There are three areas in your life that you need to look to the end before you make a judgment.

First, look to the end of a decision before you make the decision. Many have made hurtful decisions because they decided to do something on a whim instead of looking to where the decision will take them. The decisions you make based on today have ramifications that you have to deal with tomorrow. You had better look to the end of your decisions before you make them. Many have gotten themselves into financial arrears because they based a financial decision on the present instead of looking to the end. Many have made decisions that pulled them away from God because the decision in the immediate seemed to fit what you needed right now, but never considered that the now will adversely affect your tomorrow. The best way to make any decision is to look at what the decision today will cause in the end before making that decision.

Second, look to the end of one’s life before making a judgment about them. Instead of letting one act that caused a person to fall to be the description of one’s life, you should wait to see if they get up and make something out of their life after a bad decision. It is a good thing that God looked to the end of Gideon, David, Jacob, and Samson, because had he judged them by their bad decisions, we wouldn’t have their examples to get up and do something with our own failures. Just because a person has a failure doesn't mean they will be a failure. Many have gotten up from their failure and made something great out of their life. Don't you be guilty of holding the one down who is trying to get up from their failure. You will find yourself fighting against God. Look to the end of one’s life and let the whole picture of their life define them.

Third, look to the end of a direction before you start a new path. One of the greatest reasons a person ought to walk the old paths is because we know the direction that they take us. Direction is the key to being who you are supposed to be in the future. When you see one’s direction going wrong is when you need to pull back from them. At the moment when someone’s direction changes from the end product that God wants you to be is when you need to make the move to separate from them; it will save you from compromise.

Dr. Allen Domelle

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