Troubled Effects

Ezekiel 27:35
“All the inhabitants of the isles shall be astonished at thee, and their kings shall be sore afraid, they shall be troubled in their countenance.”

There is a cause and effect to everything you do in life. Whatever goes up must come down. When the sun rises in the morning, the moon will set and vice versa. There is always a cause and effect.

The verse above is the effect of Tyre not listening to God’s warning. Tyre thought that their position and wealth would keep them from falling, but nobody is bigger than God. The result of their wealth caused many nations to depend on them, and when they fell the troubled effect was felt by all. The verse above said that these other nations were “troubled in their countenance.” Tyre never considered how their sin would affect all the other nations around them, but it did.

This should be a warning to every believer of the effect their sin will have on others. Everyone can remember someone who once used to hold a position of leadership, but sin took them down. Many times we have thought about the potential these leaders wasted because of sin. When leaders fall, the effects it has on others is tremendous. Many turn back from serving the LORD and become bitter at the Christian walk because of the hurt that the fallen leader caused. You always have to remember that dealing with your sin is always easier than having to deal with the hurt and bitterness your sin causes to others. Though these who have become bitter should never base their walk with the LORD on man, the fact is they did, and the fallen leader will have to live with what their sin did to a weaker brother. Let me share a couple of observations to consider about sin.

First, nobody is stronger than sin’s effect. Sin always brings consequences, and no spiritual position will keep that effect from happening. The wages of sin is still death, and you will never be able to avoid the damage that sin causes. To think that you are different from others only shows how pride has already blinded you from sin’s effect. You may have accomplished much for the LORD, but your accomplishments don’t keep you from having to suffer sin’s consequences.

Second, sin always has a payday. You may have successfully avoided sin’s effect to this point, but sin’s payday always comes. Many have thought they avoided the consequences of sin only to find out that when sin’s payday came that they still had to pay for their sin. My friend, you cannot avoid the wages of sin. When you chose to sin, you chose to pay its price.

Third, your life always affects others, and when sin comes for its payment, others will always have to pay along with you. Never underestimate how deep sin’s fingers reach. Many are no longer in church because of a leader’s arrogance that they can do whatever they want without consequence. When you see the hurt that another’s sin causes to those who admire and love you, you will realize that sin’s enjoyment is a mere illusion.

Let me encourage you to consider the sin you continue to avoid. Let me remind you that the one sin you think you have control of is already controlling you. Remember that when you pay for sin, you will also have to face the consequence of the hurt your sin caused to others. The easiest way to keep from hurting others with your sin is to stop it immediately.

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