Troubled to Sin

Matthew 2:3
“When Herod the king had heard these things, he was troubled, and all Jerusalem with him.”

Herod will always be marked by the evil he did to the babies of his day. Of course, what he did is no different from every doctor who murders a baby in the womb and calls it an abortion. Herod’s response was all about himself and the keeping of his position. Let me explain.

The wise men came to Herod to find out where Jesus was born. These wise men had come on a long journey to give honor to the Son of God. Herod was “troubled” at the news that the “King of the Jews” was born. He thought this child was going to take his position. At this word, and without much information, he made a proclamation that every male child from two years old and under were to be killed. His troubled response led to this great evil. When I look at Herod’s troubled response, I find there four things contributed to this response.

First, he responded to hearsay. The verse above says, “When Herod the king had heard these things, he was troubled…” He didn’t even know if what he heard was true, but he was troubled because he heard it. Do you find yourself making decisions based on hearsay? Many people have made foolish decisions that had negative consequences based solely on hearsay. The believability of hearsay doesn’t make hearsay fact. Hearsay based on hearsay is not fact. You need to be careful about coming to a conclusion in your mind based on hearsay. Never let hearsay influence your reactions or decisions. Let hearsay be one piece of information that you don’t know to be true until you gather all the facts.

Second, he acted without knowledge. If Herod had done his study of the facts, he would have known that Jesus had to first come to die for the sins of mankind. His throne was never in jeopardy, but he allowed hearsay and the lack of knowledge to move him to make a tragic decision. You would be wise never to make any decision until you gather all the information you need to make a decision. Making decisions without knowledge will always make you look like a fool. If you don’t want to be known as a reactionary fool, you would be wise to make decisions after gathering all the facts and not on your unknowledgeable opinion.

Third, he decided in jealousy. Many people have ruined their name because they allowed jealousy to be the greatest influence on their decisions. Herod was nervous that Jesus would take his position, and his jealousy led him to make a proclamation to kill all the male children from two years of age and under. You must never allow jealousy to be an influence in any decision. Jealous decisions are hurtful and destructive decisions. The best way to ruin your name is to allow jealousy to be the basis for your decisions. There is no room for jealousy in the life of the believer. Remove jealousy, and you will remove many foolish and hurtful decisions.

Fourth, he moved in evil. His decision to move in evil has a direct connection to the previous three points. You can rarely recover from evil decisions. Evil decisions always hurt others, and many times those you hurt will never forgive you for your decision of evil.

Do you find any of these four areas in your life? The best way to keep these from happening is to remove the hearsay from your life, and you will remove the biggest ingredient to making foolish and hurtful decisions.

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