Turning Failure Into Victory

Matthew 17:19
“Then came the disciples to Jesus apart, and said, Why could not we cast him out?”

Failure is one of the things that every person tries to avoid and hates to experience. However much you try to avoid it, you are going to experience it at some point in life. If the Apostles experienced failure, you also will experience it; every person has experienced failure at some point in their life.

One of the examples of failure in the Scripture is found in the verse above. A man came to Jesus about his son who was possessed with a devil. This man brought his son to the disciples to get their help, but they failed to cast out the devil. This mans last resort was Jesus, and He was able to heal the boy when he was confronted with the problem.

The disciples couldn’t figure out why they failed. They asked Jesus, “Why could not we cast him out?” In the next two verses, Jesus showed them that their unbelief, lack of faith, and absence of prayer and fasting was the source of their failure. If you are going to turn failure into victory, you are going to have to follow the remedy found in these verses. Let me show you the remedy Christ gave to turn failure into victory.

First, you must identify your problem. The disciples tried to cure the boy instead of casting out the devil. They failed to help the boy because they didn’t identify the problem. The only way you will identify your problems is to take them to Jesus. Only Jesus can shed light on the true source of your problems, and only He can give you the answer to turning failure into victory. You will continue to fail as long as you try to identify your problems with Jesus’ help.

Second, you must believe there is an answer to your problem. It was the disciples’ unbelief that caused them to fail. You will never turn failure into victory if you doubt that it can be done. Doubt has limited the power of God more than any other problem. God desires to do the miraculous, but our doubt has squelched the faucet of God’s power. You are going to have to believe that God has the answer to your problem if you are going to turn failure into victory.

Third, you must act in faith. It doesn’t take much faith to turn failure into victory; in fact, it only takes “faith as a grain of mustard seed.” You must act on whatever faith you do have in God’s ability to solve your problem. You can either listen to the voice of doubt and fail, or you can act on the voice of faith and see victory. It truly comes down to which voice you listen to. Failure will never be turned into victory until you act in faith.

Fourth, you must pray and fast. Jesus told the disciples in verse 21, “Howbeit this kind goeth not out but by prayer and fasting.” Faith will only be rewarded when it is bathed with prayers and fasting. Many people have acted in faith only to see failure because they didn’t pray. My friend, you cant take this last ingredient out and still succeed. You may have the belief that something can be done, and the faith to step out to see it done, but without prayer you won’t have the power needed to make it happen. Prayer is the final ingredient that opens the faucet to God’s power to turn failure into victory. Christian, you can see victory in your life, but you will never see it until you follow God’s remedy to turn failure into victory

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