Turning Valleys Into Blessings

2 Chronicles 20:26
“And on the fourth day they assembled themselves in the valley of Berachah; for there they blessed the LORD: therefore the name of the same place was called, The valley of Berachah, unto this day.”

The valley of Berachah is a contradictory name. A valley is always something you go through that is a struggle, sorrowful or a battle. Jehoshaphat certainly had a valley when he faced an army that was greater and stronger than his army. It was such a deep valley that the Scriptures say that Jehoshaphat “feared.” However, Jehoshaphat looked at the valley differently than most because he called it the “valley of Berachah.” “Berachah” means blessings. In other words, Jehoshaphat looked at the valley as a blessing instead of a curse. It was seven actions that he performed that allowed the valley to become a blessing. Let me share the seven keys to turning your valley into a blessing.

First, you must have a valley. You can’t have blessings without the valley. Verse 3 says, “Jehoshaphat feared.” There are no blessings without valleys. Valleys are the reason that you have blessings. To run from the valley is to turn off the facet that God uses to give you blessings. You may not enjoy the valleys, but you will never enjoy God’s blessings without them.

Second, seek the LORD when the valley comes. Jehoshaphat’s first action when the valley came was to “seek the LORD.” Your first action when the valley comes should not be to hibernate, complain, or quit serving God, but your first reaction to the valley should be to run to the closet of prayer and seek God’s help while you walk in the valley.

Third, realize your inability and God’s ability. Jehoshaphat said, “…for we have no might against this great company…” He knew that his only hope was in God. The valley has a way of putting your strength into perspective. If the only thing the valley reveals is your inability and God’s ability to help you, this alone would be the greatest blessing of your Christian walk. You will continue to attempt to do everything in your own power as long as you think you are able to handle everything. It is the valley that helps you to realize your inability to do anything and God’s ability to do everything.

Fourth, understand to whom the battle belongs. In verse 15, God reminded Jehoshaphat that the battle was God’s. Whatever valley you face today, you are not facing it alone, and the battle you fight in the valley is God’s to fight, not your’s. Stop trying to figure out how you are going to win the battle and let God fight the battle of the valley for you.

Fifth, have faith in God. God told Jehoshaphat in verse 15, “Be not afraid…” Your faith in God will grow in the valley if you learn to trust Him to help you. Stop worrying about how you are going to get out of the valley and have faith in God’s ability to deliver you from your valley.

Sixth, stay busy serving the LORD. The smarted thing Jehoshaphat did while in the valley was to go out before the army that he faced to fight the battle. You will find that staying in the routines of serving God are the greatest helps to helping you to keep a proper perspective of the valley.

Seventh, keep a good spirit and praise the LORD. Your spirit and ability to praise the LORD in the valley is the final key to making your valley a blessing. Praising God in the valley is the key to keeping your spirit on top side, which results in your valley becoming a blessing.

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